The European Union Resolution expressed Extreme Concern about Human Rights Violations in China

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The recent European Union resolution expressed that in the 61st UN Human Rights Conference, which is going to be held in Geneva, the EU will express her extreme concern about human rights violations in China.

In the resolution, the Chinese Government’s arbitrary arrest and persecution of Tibet, Xinjiang, Falun Gong and people with different political opinions, are being strongly condemned. The resolution urges the Chinese Government to immediately and unconditionally free prisoners of conscience and people who hold different political opinions; to respect human being’s rights of thinking, conscience and religious belief.

The EU also expressed her concerns about the Chinese Government successfully avoiding condemnation of their human rights record in the last UN human rights conference, because the committee passed a motion not to take action, which was raised by the Chinese Government. Furthermore, according to the UN, the human rights committee cannot effectively safeguard human rights and it was deemed a necessity that the EU should consider amending the system.

Chinese human rights issues have been the concern of the international community for a long time and her brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners incurred even more criticism by many international human rights organisations.

However, the Chinese Communist Party denies and refuses to admit or to accept any condemnations from all circles regarding the Chinese human rights situation, even daring to suggest that the human rights situations in Europe and USA are even worse.

The UN human rights committee will hold the 61st annual conference from March 14th to April 22nd in Geneva and will consider a series of human rights issues, such as race, the economy, society in general, culture and so on.

The UN human rights committee was established in 1946, and is the main organisation in the UN to handle all kinds of human rights issues. It sets out to hold the conference every March in Geneva.

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