Chinese Brush Painting: “A Music Ensemble in Harmony”

Good music is highly revered in ancient China. Why? It is because good music can harmonize one’s surroundings and mold one’s temperament.

In the painting, there is a garden surrounded by bamboo trees, rocks and marble handrail. In the garden, three beautiful ladies are playing classical Chinese music. The lady on the left is playing a Chinese flute. The lady with her back facing the audience is playing a Chinese pipe, and the lady on the right is playing a Chinese harp (guzheng). The beautiful scenery, lovely weather, beautiful gentlewomen, and the music together give us a harmonious and pleasant feeling. The portrait of the music ensemble means musical instruments playing together, but it also implies a harmonious relationship among the three gentlewomen and a harmonious relationship between them and the natural environment.

The artist, Zhang Cuiying presented this painting “An Music Ensemble in Harmony” to the President of the Ukraine as a gift, wishing the Ukrainian people a happy and harmonious life, wishing them no wars and that peace will always be with them.

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