Australia: Falun Dafa Participates in the Revesby Community Festival

The Revesby Community Festival is an annual event that locals and children attend to learn about different activities and enjoy performances, rides and food. This year's festival was on March 20 and Falun Dafa practitioners also participated in the event.

There were some difficulties in securing a stall, so on the day of the event, the organiser helped practitioners look for a space. Finally, a friendly plant stallholder gave us one of her spaces.

Activities included an information stall, flyer distribution, folding paper lotus flowers and an exercise demonstration. It seemed that some of the local people were unfamiliar with Falun Dafa. Practitioners took this opportunity to constantly perform the exercises, behind and beside the stall. The environment was very peaceful.

Falun Gong exercise demo on stage Information booth

Later on in the day, organisers arranged to have practitioners do two short stage performances. One was a traditional Chinese dance, featuring a beautiful costume and Chinese musical instrument. The second was a demonstration of the Falun Dafa exercises. On both occasions the audience watched with interest and was moved by Dafa's peaceful and righteous field.

After the event, practitioners gave paper folded lotus flowers to the organisers and the stallholder who offered her extra space, to thank them. They were deeply moved when they learned that the lotus flower is a symbol of peace and purity in Eastern culture.

An organiser said that he would invite Falun Dafa to attend upcoming community festivals.

During the day, a practitioner noticed that the plant stall holder had sold many plants in a short period of time, which may have been a reward for kindly offering her extra space to practitioners.

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