Comic Strip: Paralysed Girl Recovers After Practising Falun Gong

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1. My younger sister was sixteen years old in 1995. One day, she suddenly found her neck aching and her fingers numb. She was so sore that she couldn't stop crying. My Dad brought her to a doctor of Chinese medicine and was told that it was a cold. After having two lots of medicine the symptoms disappeared. So we did not take it seriously.

2. In March of 1997, my sister’s hand was numb again. It even extended to her back, the condition was very bad. Our parents brought her to a hospital. A magnetic resonance examination showed that there was a small tumour in her spinal canal.

3. In early April of 1997, my parents and younger sister went to the Capital Medicine University Hospital for a second opinion. The professionals got the same result. They said: If there was any carelessness during the operation, she might end up being severely disabled from the operation. A expert said that there would be less risk if we waited until the tumour developed to a larger size.

4. After twenty days in Beijing, they returned. My sister became bed-ridden. Our sixty years old parents had to help with her eating, drinking and excreting. She could hardly talk, was too weak to be able to lift her hands an her breathing was laboured.

5. Our parents hearts were broken. When suffering from heart disease and cerebral thrombosis, my father had to search for a solution for my sister, but it did not work at all. Her condition declined daily.

6. One day, we got a letter from our grandfather in which Falun Gong was introduced. It said that Falun Gong was the only hope for my sister.

7. The following morning, my parents went to look for a Falun Gong practise site. Fortunately our father met Falun Gong practitioners, and borrowed a tape of Master Li’s lecture on the Fa or Law.

8. A miracle occurred immediately when my sister started listening to the tape. After a while, her breathing improved and she could change the tape with her hands and on the third day, she could miraculously sit up.

9. After another three days ahd passed, she could get out of bed and go to bathroom by herself.

10. On the seventh day my father happily went to the practise site to learn the Falun Gong exercises and on the ninth day he came back to teach my sister.

11. After eight days since she started practising the exercises she left the house at half past four in the morning to go for a walk, having a rest from time to time. Tears of joy burst out from her eyes. It was Falun Gong who gave her a new life. Our whole family began to practise Falun Gong. This is the experience of my family. We want to tell all beings that“Falun Gong is good!”, “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance are sacred!”, and “Falun Gong is a righteous cultivation way”

* * *

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