Austria: The 2005 Austrian Falun Gong Experience Sharing Conference was held Successfully in Hallelin

On Saturday March the 5th 2005, Austria’s third national Falun Gong experience sharing conference was held in Hallelin, near Salzburg.

The conference’s opening speech mentioned that this is the fourth Falun gong experience sharing conference held in Austria after last summer’s European Conference in Vienna. Important points of the speech included Dafa practitioners’ enormous responsibility and the importance of forming a good cultivation environment, as this is the cornerstone of doing well in the Fa-rectification period.

Everyone in the room was touched by the warm and heartfelt environment, and the solemn sanctity of the meeting. Thirteen practitioners talked about their understanding of the Fa (teachings of Falun Gong) and their experiences in activities to raise awareness about the persecution. Among the listeners were practitioners from Germany as well as Austria.

One Chinese practitioner who had arrived in Austria only a short time ago spoke about the difficult situation in China. She explained how she and her family were affected by the persecution of Falun Gong and about the sincerity with which she and her mother met these adversities. Practitioners’ sharings also touched on the need for coordination between the many projects aimed at stopping the persecution, the importance of experience sharing and the requirement to keep up with studying the Fa and practising the exercises.

As well as speeches from veteran practitioners, a new practitioner who started her cultivation only last autumn spoke. We also heard about how a practitioner overcame difficulties to take part in the activities in New York. Some practitioners talked about the magnificence of Falun Dafa they experienced during their daily life such as the excellent achievements in their studies and work, and how their colleagues and superiors admire them because of their cultivation.

Many mentioned the shortcomings and attachments they unearthed because they cultivate and how they disposed of them. The last article was about how to improve coordination, so the three things Falun Gong practitioners have to do during this important period can be done better. The same wish was mentioned in other articles. Everyone spoke of their deepest gratitude to Master Li Hongzhi.

All those present appreciated the seldom and special opportunity of the annual Fa conference, and the opportunity to share experiences in a profound way. Many mentioned that this experience touched them deeply and that this motivated them to improve in their cultivation and to progress with greater diligence.

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