The Benefits I Experienced after Starting to Practise Falun Dafa

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My name is Wang Liangsheng and I'm 63 years old. I would like to share some of my experiences I have had whilst practising Falun Dafa.

I started to practise Falun Dafa in August of 2000. I feel very fortunate to have acquired this unique cultivation method, and my appreciation towards Master Li's teaching cannot be expressed in words. Before practising Falun Dafa, I had several illnesses and I had to regulate my eating and take medicine for a long period of time. I still took the medicine the first two months after practising Falun Dafa, and also went back to the hospital every four months in order to have a physical check-up. I found that my cholesterol index dropped after every visit. After repeating this several times, I stopped taking the medicine. When I had another physical check-up, I found that my cholesterol index rose back to how high it was before I began the practise. I was very confused after going back home. Later on, through studying the Falun Gong teachings, my mindset improved tremendously, and my illnesses have not returned in the last four years.

Before practising Falun Dafa, before I went to bed each night, my eyes were bloodshot and I had to apply several eye drops. This also occurred during the daytime. After practising Falun Dafa, I gradually stopped using eye drops. One time, I introduced Falun Dafa to a friend who had a similar eye problem, but he did not take up the practise. Now, he is blind.

My knees used to trouble me. At first, it started with one knee and later both knees began hurting very much when I was walking. During the nighttime, I had to go to the bathroom several times. Each time when I stood up, my legs were in extreme pain. I had to stop moving for several minutes and wait for the pain to subside, and then I would slowly start to move again. I had received many shots for this problem, but they hadn't helped. At first, when my legs were swollen, I went to see a doctor, and after getting the shots and taking the medicine, the swelling would disappear. Later on however, the shots and medicine became ineffective and the swelling of my legs became ever worse. My doctor suggested having an operation to insert a stainless steel brace for supporting my legs. It would only last for a couple of years, though, and then the operation would be need to be repeated. After practising Falun Gong, the pain I had for more than ten years in my knees disappeared. In the last four years, I have not spent any money for health expenses, and for this I would like to thank our compassionate Teacher. If I did not learn Falun Dafa, perhaps I would be both paralysed and blind by now.

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