A Former Prisoner's Letter to a Falun Dafa Practitioner: "I Tasted the Joy of Being a Good Person"

I felt I was really fortunate to meet some Falun Dafa practitioners such as yourself in the cruel environment of a prison. Through you, I truly learnt what a good human being is. I am following your examples now and am working hard to become a good person.

You told me a lot while in prison, and I argued with you often; I even ridiculed you. But subconsciously, I truly accepted much of what you said. Only after I regained my freedom did I confirm that what you told me was the truth. Now, when I look back at Falun Dafa practitioners like you, you were truly remarkable. You are men with faith!

I am working at a low paying job now. Several of my accomplices in crime have continued their unlawful activities after being released from prison. I can now see that the Communist party really does transform fine men into evil ones. They have certainly never transformed anyone into a good human being. Some of my fellow accomplices have made a lot of money by smuggling or selling drugs, yet I do not envy them at all. Even though my job pays little, I feel at ease with my conscience. I couldn't have done that if I hadn't met you and come across Falun Dafa. Sometimes I have doubt and worry about myself, but thinking of the tortures and suffering that you went through in the prison, I feel at ease again.

Just like when you said, "There is joy in being a good human being." I have personally experienced that. I have tasted the joy of being a good human being. Although I do not have a high position with my job, my colleagues all respect me. They all sincerely asked me to stay when I once told them I was thinking of changing my job. I guess this showed their recognition of my character.

I have so much to tell you when we meet again, and I thank you for treating me so warmly. I am concerned that you are still being tortured, so please pay attention to your safety and well-being. Before, I always thought I had some fundamental "anti-social" behaviour in me, because the Communist party always told me so and it was an image that they frequently portrayed onto me. After talking with you, I realised that the Communist party has always been the real anti-social evil force. It would be unusual if we do not speak out against them.

I believe I will continue to be a good human being. I am wishing for you to help me to get a copy of the Falun Gong book Zhuan Falun when we see each other again next time. I would like to read that book, too.

Thank you in advance.

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