Speech: “History illustrates that there is no power greater than that of Truth.”

On June 5th, a rally entitled “Support two million people’s withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party” was held in London. Respected former diplomat Lord Thurlow gave the following speech.

China has witnessed a striking new phenomenon in recent months. Two and a half million members of the Chinese Communist party have registered their resignation from the Party. This is unprecedented. Why is it taking place?

In Europe we saw the collapse of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe ten years ago. No one, including the leaders in each country, any longer believed in Communist theory and practice. This is now happening in China. The brainwashing no longer works. Nearly half the economy has been privatized to avert collapse and it is apparent to almost all that the Party represents nothing but its own interests with retaining total power as its central motivation.

What triggered the resignations? It was the publication six months ago of the true story of the life and actions of the Party since its birth as an offshoot of the Russian Comintern. Mao Tse Tung accepted Lenin’s instruction that the Party’s power over such a huge population could only be maintained by ruthless violence and continuous deceit. Hence the terrible record largely covered up by propaganda and total control of all the media: 80 million Chinese citizens murdered in 4 deliberate mass killings at intervals of 5 to 7 years to cow the citizens into non-resistance.

The final target of Jiang Zemin was the non-violent and non-political practitioners of moral reform that Falun Gong introduced publicly in 1992. The hundred million adherents amounted in 1997 to almost twice the membership of the Chinese Communist Party. Falun Gong was believed to threaten the Party’s mind control and official policy of atheism. The subsequent persecution has been far the most massive and highly organised attempted suppression in human history. Hundreds of thousands have suffered in slave labour camps, each supplied with instruments of torture applied to extract signed statements of recantation of belief. Great numbers of martyrs have died rather than recant. Meanwhile, worldwide propaganda of lies spread by the Chinese Communist Government stigmatised Falun Gong as responsible for hideous social crimes.

History illustrates that there is no power greater than that of Truth. The Nine Commentaries on the CCP published in New York and printed in hundreds of thousands in Hong Kong have circulated in Mainland China, whose citizens for the first time had access to the true story. The resignations from the Party are a direct result and have shaken the leadership.

The latest repercussion has been the defection of a senior Chinese diplomat in Australia followed by three consular colleagues. They have revealed disturbing facts of the scale of Chinese Government activities to penetrate society in other countries: one thousand Chinese security agents are revealed as operating underground in Australia alone.

Only the Chinese people themselves can bring to an end both the appalling persecution of Falun Gong and the fifty-year-old regime, but it is the responsibility of other governments to continue their protests against Chinese human rights abuses and the media in free countries must at last lift the curtain of silence, which has deprived the general public in this country, as in most of the world under Chinese official influence, from knowing the facts of the oppression.

Over the last year the Chinese authorities, with their total control of virtually all media outlets, have instructed that no reference should be made to Falun Gong persecution, in order to give the impression that the practice is no longer seen as a problem and may be a thing of the past. Behind the scenes, however, in the last six months the persecution has intensified with a greater number of verified deaths after torture than ever before: some fifty new provincial centres have been set up for this purpose.

It is up to the outside world to make its voice heard and use international influence. We look forward to the day when the Chinese people themselves again enjoy conditions of government that respect their human rights and freedom of belief.

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