Former 610 Office Agent Hao Fengjun Exposes the Systemic Persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP, Part 2

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Part 1:

Hao Fengjun's work identification [Epoch Times image]
Wasting the country's resources in the persecution of Falun Gong

Reporter: Some people think that as long as Falun Gong practitioners do not appeal, they do not have to fear the persecution and can practise at home?

Mr. Hao: If the persecutors know that you are practising at home, they will arrest you and try to reform you. They have their ways to find out such matters. They have many secret agents assigned to find practitioners. There may be secret agents among people who visit you at home. They will ask you questions such as, "Have you seen a good article in "Tiandicangsheng" (Falun Gong informational literature)?" "Are you still practising (Falun Gong)?" If you admit that you are still practising Falun Gong, the persecutors will monitor you, arrest and take you to brainwashing centres for brainwashing, threaten your work unit managers and have them fire you, have your kids dismissed from school, and apply pressure through your family members.

Reporter: People who still have a conscience and are unwilling to actively participate in the persecution, what will happen to them?

Mr. Hao: The persecutors will punish them, using political means. They will lower their ranks, dismiss them, and place them in confinement. In fact, about 80 of my colleagues who were promoted to positions are reluctant participants in the persecution. They all believe that Falun Gong practitioners have no interest in overthrowing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or wish to point fingers at the CCP. They think that the CCP should not waste all these resources towards monitoring Falun Gong practitioners. Our department owns more than 10 vehicles (in China, motor vehicles are very expensive relative to people's living costs), yet our salaries are very low. It would be wonderful if these funds would be used to improve people's living conditions. In private, almost everyone holds such thoughts - except for the few, who want to use the persecution towards achieving wealth and gaining power. Even the 610 Office staff thinks it to be a waste of valuable resources to monitor, follow, and secretly arrest practitioners. Policemen and women are also human beings after all.

Reporter: How do they monitor practitioners and follow them?

Mr. Hao: It is very easy to monitor practitioners around the clock. They monitor those on their list through the phone services and cell phone providers, which are all government controlled. None of us likes to follow practitioners, as it takes from an entire week to a month, during which we cannot go home. Several people form a team when they monitor a practitioner. Someone rides a motorcycle, another one drives a car, a third one rides a bicycle, and there is someone who goes on foot. This is the only way not to lose the target or be discovered. They have put so much manpower and resources into persecuting Falun Gong. Why is social protection in such bad straights in China? Almost all of the police are busy persecuting Falun Gong, they don't have time to chase the true criminals. In the CCP's words, dealing with Falun Gong supersedes all other needs.

Disclosing the CCP's persecution of overseas Falun Gong practitioners through secret agents, who form teams in different areas and monitor practitioners

Reporter: How did you get the Falun Gong practitioners' information, such as the information on practitioner Li Ying in Australia?

Mr. Hao: The information was collected by the Tianjin City Police Department, State Security Bureau, and the secret agents dispatched to Australia by the 610 Office. The secret agents monitor activities of practitioners, including Lin Ying and Chen Hong, and collect their personal information. For example, where was Chen Hong from? Her child went to Australia for further schooling. Therefore, she was granted a visitors visa for visiting her child in Australia. The State Security knows all information in detail, including which Falun Gong conferences Li Ying attended. They know every tiny detail of her activities. Secret CCP agents collect the information and monitor their activities. They then report the information to their superiors. Most of the time, secret agents from the same area as the practitioners are dispatched to monitor the practitioners and dissidents. This allows the secret agents from different provinces to collect information on practitioners of those provinces. They report back to Tianjin City (Police Department and State Security Bureau), which then shares the information with the Public Security Department. The Public Security Department then gives the information to the State Security Bureau of different provinces. Information peddlers are paid for all information they provide.

Falun Gong's activities have been infiltrated by the CCP's agents1. They have also infiltrated The Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty TV, and democratic movement organisations. I brought evidence of this contention with me when I defected. The CCP has within the last 3+ years established a complete global network of secret agents. I have seen reports from agents in Australia, U.S.A., Canada, and Europe (even from Denmark).

Reporter: Are there any parallel systems other than the secret agents of the State Security system?

Mr. Hao: The Chinese embassies are in charge of another information collecting system. But I am not familiar with this system. The information we collected was sent to China directly without going through the embassies.

Reporter: Mr. Chen Yonglin talked about over a 1,000 secret agents last time - do they belong to the two systems you just mentioned?

Mr. Hao: Yes, I think so. In my work, I have seen many reports from agents worldwide. The information increased as time passed by. The CCP's secret agents worldwide became more and more sophisticated. All efforts are towards collecting information and how to control (the practitioners). For example, practitioner Yao Qing from Canada was arrested after she went to China. After she was arrested, she was detained in Tianjin City (because she was a resident of Tianjin) and her case was reported to the Tianjin City 610 Office. Secret agents in Canada provided detailed information about Ms. Chen and her trip. People who provided the information may be residents or citizens of other countries. They may be business people or students, or anyone else. They all could be bribed by the State Security Bureau and become secret agents.

Warning persecutors to change their ways

Reporter: Any words to those who continue to persecute (practitioners and other dissidents)?

Mr. Hao: I hope those who continue to persecute people in democratic countries such as the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia will stop their activities. Otherwise, if possible, I will use my knowledge and work experience to help the governments of democratic countries bring them to justice one after each other.

Reporter: What has made you step forward and expose these facts?

Mr. Hao: I was inspired and encouraged by Mr. Chen Yonglin and I really hold the highest of respect towards him. In exposing these facts, I know my family members in China will be persecuted by the CCP. They are now closely monitored, and their phones are all tapped. I have given up my personal safety to tell the truth in search for justice, to let people in those free and democratic nations know the truth about the CCP and what really is going on in China. Sadly, many of these democratic nation's governments are totally in the dark about the true activities of the CCP.

Reporter: Mr. Chen and yourself have exposed many inside facts of the persecution, which shocked the western world and has placed the CCP into a very awkward position. Some Chinese people do not understand your actions, thinking that you do not love your country. What do you think about that?

Mr. Hao: I love my country, but I don't love the CCP. I am not against my country. I have come to the conclusion that the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong and dissidents is wrong, undemocratic and inhuman. I believe that my actions will bring the Chinese people democracy and freedom. I did not experience the Cultural Revolution, so I did not know much about the CCP. After I left China and read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I was shocked. If all Chinese people could have read this book, the CCP would have lost power a long time ago. In China, people cannot freely browse the Internet and visit sites like Epoch Times or Falun Dafa websites. Many practitioners' efforts to tap into the TV and play programs depicting the truth about Falun Gong were not successful, since the persecutors blocked the signals. Unfortunately, most people still cannot see the truth - they would be shocked if they could. I think it will be a good thing if China can become a democratic and free country.

Reporter: Many readers are concerned about your situation, what kind of help do you wish to get from them?

Mr. Hao: I thank all those people who understand me, including government officials and people in Australia. I hope to get protection for my personal safety, since I still feel threatened by the CCP even outside of China. I will use the skills I learnt before to protect myself.

Reporter: Thank you for the interview. I hope you will soon be able to enjoy a safe and stable life.

Mr. Hao: Thank you.


1. After these secret agents came overseas, because they were able to access accurate information, some of them have gradually come to know the truth. A few still want to persecute Falun Gong because they want to gain wealth and attain power. These agents will certainly meet with karmic retribution for their crimes.

* * *

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