United Kingdom: The “Saying Good-Bye to the CCP” Alliance Attracted a Lot of Attention during the G8 Summit

This year’s G8 summit in Edinburgh attracted international attention because the summit was to discuss the issue of world poverty. Before the summit, over 22,000 people attended the “Make Poverty History” parade and there were also many concerts around the world concerning the issue. During the summit, over 5,000 people gathered in the remote Gleneagles Hotel to appeal to the G8 leaders. Among many protest groups, the “Saying Good-Bye to the CCP” Alliance attracted special attention.

At the park where the July 2nd parade began, the huge banners of the “Saying Good-Bye to the CCP” Alliance were especially eye-catching. Their organiser said that they came to protest because the head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Hu Jintao would attend the summit. In over fifty years of communist reign in China, over eighty millions people died as a result of the CCP’s persecution and these human rights abuses are continuing at present. Today, they came here to speak out for their innocent compatriots. They wanted to tell the whole world that right now over three million people in China have decided to throw away the Communist theory and have declared their withdrawal from the CCP and its affiliated organisations.

The group’s unique topic undoubtedly attracted people’s curiosity. Many people came to request information and actively discussed the issue. When they learned about the crimes of the CCP, they were extremely shocked. They said that the number of people killed by the CCP is even more than the UK’s population or the number of people killed in the two world wars. Streams of people came to sign their name on a banner to support Chinese people withdrawing from the CCP. Soon, six long banners were filled with signatures of people from over 30 different countries.

The organiser of the “Saying Good-Bye to the CCP” Alliance also said that many reporters came to interview them. Over ten international media organisations interviewed them on the day of the parade. Four days later, another eight media organisations interviewed them at the summit location. Journalists from many media organisations received an information package containing the Nine Commentaries (a publication by The Epoch Times newspaper revealing the CCP’s true history) and information on the mass withdrawals from CCP. During theG8 summit, the group distributed over 40,000 copies of the package and it attracted a significant response.

A volunteer for the group said that one day when he was distributing the leaflets, many people read the leaflet, came back to him and told him, “Thank you very much. This is a very valuable piece of information.”, “Well done. Keep up the good work.” “We wish you success” “Saying goodbye to Communism? This is great. Could you let me know your website address and I am very interested in learning more.”

Another volunteer member of the group from Glasgow said that there was a Western man who initially told her “I cannot sign my name to support you withdrawing from the Communist because I am a member of the British Communist Party.” This lady asked him, “Do you agree with what the CCP has done? Does your Communist Party promote murder? Does your Communist Party encourage violence? If you are against what the CCP has done, why don’t you encourage the Chinese people to withdraw from it?” After hearing this, this gentleman happily signed his name.

A student called Louis said, “I used to be a supporter of the Communist idea. I hoped that this world would be more equal and all people could live happily. After reading the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, I don’t hold that view any more. The Communist theory looked good because it wanted to establish a Heaven on Earth. But this theory could never be realised because public ownership goes against people’s nature. History also proved clearly that Communism does not work. From the practice of all former socialist countries, it all proved in every aspect that Marx’s hypothesis is wrong. Some western Communist supporters think that the Chinese Communist Party misrepresented Communism. The practical operation of Communism would definitely lead to violence, killing, lies and total dictatorship. Even if they originally didn’t want to go this way, the Marxist ideology determined they would.”

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