A Practitioner's Family Member Expresses His Sincerest Gratitude towards Falun Dafa

I am an ordinary citizen from Dezhou District of Shandong Province in China. My wife is a Falun Dafa practitioner. Before the evil persecution against Falun Dafa began on July 20th, 1999, my wife managed our family quite well. She hoped that I could learn Falun Dafa. However, I disliked enduring hardship, so I didn't give it a go. The barbaric persecution against Falun Dafa and those who practise Falun Dafa disciples has been going on for six years, to which my family is no exception. Although I do not practise Falun Dafa, I have benefited a lot from it.

Last year a lump grew on my eyeball. I went to the Dezhou City People's Hospital for a checkup, and the lump was found to be a tumour. I needed to have two operations. My wife said to me, "I had asked you in the past to learn Falun Dafa, but you didn't listen. Look at me. I've been practising for more than ten years and I have never taken any medicine since starting." My wife asked the doctor about my illness without telling me. The doctor said to her, "The tumour grew so quickly. This is not a good sign. We must first have a segmental examination, then undergo a surgical operation." When she returned home, I often saw her cross-legged with her palm erect. She said, "I am helping you by sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference from the evil." Of course, I did not understand her words, but I knew she was doing something good for me.

In her free time, my wife sincerely said to me, "It's common sense that you are the closest person to me. When faced with reality however, what can I give you? I would like to give you something I think is the best thing in the universe, 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance'. I hope that you can remember this in your heart. Recite 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good' and 'Falun Dafa is good.' That's the only thing you have now. You have no other choices." I wouldn't pay attention to her before when she spoke about Falun Dafa to me. Recently however, she started telling me about pre-historic civilisations, Sakyamuni (the founder of Buddhism), Jesus and the spreading of Falun Dafa, as well as the persecution of Falun Dafa. She also told me about the past, present and future of Falun Dafa. I felt that she was explaining everything with sufficient reasoning, so I could not argue and just listened. She taught me to recite the words, so I recited the words. She asked me to remember those words sincerely and so I did. The segmental examination result came out three days later, and I went to the hospital without bearing any thoughts in my mind. The doctor said, "You are normal and fine now." I happily hurried home and told my wife the news. She smiled upon hearing the news.

My wife gave me a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party during the New Year period. I took the cue and read the commentaries. My wife asked me, "Have you finished reading? What do you think?" Because I had been educated by the Communist Party's culture since I was young, I said some negative words about the commentaries without thinking. My wife then said, "Why are you on the same side as the evil and why do you defend them? What benefits did the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) give you? Don't you remember that the scoundrel CCP confiscated your father's property? Haven't I, your wife, been persecuted enough by the evil? Don't you remember that you were embroiled in the persecution and have lost your job for that?" My wife once again whole-heartedly clarified the facts to me two days later. She told me so many principles that I have never heard of. She talked to me for three days and I was fully convinced by her words. In the end, I wrote a statement publicly declaring my withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Youth League and the Communist Young Pioneers.

In the spring of this year, I drove a truck to pick up a load of steel reinforcing bar (re-bar) for cement. The truck could hold tons of re-bar, five tons in total. Due to negligence, I did not load the re-bar according to safety procedure. Just as I was about to start the engine, the loading staff suddenly started yelling at me. I turned around to see what happened. Several dozen pieces of steel flew towards me. I could not think, but leaned to the right. The steering wheel was hit and broke apart. I was also hit and fell onto the ground. People at the scene were shocked. I too was shocked. When people pulled me out of the pile of re-bar, they stared at me and checked me out. They then said, "Luckily, you are okay." I calmed down and told the others that I was able to escape danger and be safe because my wife practises Falun Dafa. Everyone at the scene nodded his or her head and smiled. They were convinced by the miracle.

What I want to tell everyone is that, for those who still do not know the truth about Falun Gong, please change your notions as soon as possible and look at this issue with a clear mind. When you have the chance, please read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Please listen to the truth, as it will definitely bring benefits to you and your family. If it were not for my wife's persistence in practising Falun Dafa, as well as her continued efforts in telling me the truth, how could I have escaped such danger twice? I can now live happily every day. So I would like to say aloud with full respect, "Thank you, Falun Dafa." "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good."

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