How Can Gods Save You If You Choose to Stay with a Sinking Ship?

According to The Epoch Times newspaper, more than 3.4 million people have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or the Communist Youth League on the Internet since the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. However, there are also people who think that they have not done anything bad, are not corrupt and do not swindle or steal. They think their characters are much better than some CCP members and therefore they should be safe. With this mindset they don't think it's necessary to withdraw from the CCP.

Perhaps they still don't understand why the Heavens will eliminate the CCP. It is because the CCP has committed all kinds of crimes and angered the Heavens and the people. Its existence can no longer be allowed. In the 56 years of the CCP's rule, it has initiated numerous, brutal political movements, killing approximately 80 million people, which exceeded the casualties from the two world wars combined. In addition, the forced family planning movement has killed countless innocent infants. Its brutality greatly surpassed Nazi Germany. Even today, the CCP continues to persecute innocent Falun Gong practitioners behind closed doors and suppresses dissidents and democracy advocates. The CCP has committed so many crimes and owes such an enormous bloody debt. It can't escape from retribution simply because it is in power now.

The good will be rewarded with good, and the evil will face retribution for their evil. If humans can't restore justice, gods will. Although the CCP appears strong and scary in front of its citizens, before gods, it is frail and weak. In retrospect, Nazi Germany appeared very strong, but it did not take long to defeat it. The collapse of the Third Reich was as much an effort by men as the will of heaven. The CCP not only killed countless people but also completely and irrationally destroyed traditional culture and the human living environment. As a result of its rule, society's moral standard has degenerated, people slander Gods and Buddhas, and there is no limit to their harmful actions. Now is the time to eliminate the CCP.

The CCP is not only a concept. It is an evil organisation with nearly 70 million members. If Heaven destroys the CCP, it will completely eliminate this evil organisation and all its members. When a member joined the CCP, she or he pledged their lives under the blood-red flag and carried the mark of the CCP beast. If you don't withdraw from this organisation, you will be eliminated together with those die-hard Party members who have committed horrible crimes, to repay the huge debt the CCP owes.

Let's take a voyage as an analogy. If you don't withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party, you are a crew member on the Party's pirate ship. No matter how ornate and colourful the pirate ship is decorated, it is decayed and rotten inside, unable to withstand the weather. Once a storm hits, the ship will sink to the bottom of the ocean. If the entire ship sinks, will the crew survive?

It is very compassionate that Gods pass on heavenly principles to people and alert people to dangers in order to save them. Please cherish this moment and immediately withdraw from the CCP and its related organisations.

Gods can only help you when you choose to leave the CCP's pirate ship. Gods have extended their hands to you, but you have to extend your hand to accept their assistance. If you insist on taking the wrong path, and feel quite content on riding the pirate ship, how can Gods save you?

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