Denmark: The Miraculous Recovery of my Daughter's Injured Wrist

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In July, our family spent the summer holidays on an island in the south of Spain. The beautiful scenery and pleasant weather attracted tourists from all over the world. People from all walks of lief took the chance to embrace the beautiful scenery, enjoying the sun, the beach and the waves.

My daughter Lishi is nine years old. As a child it is only natural for her to play and here she was delighted. One day after coming back from swimming she went to have a shower in the bathroom, singing as she showered. Suddenly her song stopped and turned into a choking cry: “Hurry mum! It really hurts!” When I got there I found out that she had fallen, without even knowing what had happened. She said that the only felt pain she felt was in her left wrist. Around the middle of her wrist there was a small cut, which seemed quite deep and some blood seeped out. At once I said to her: “Lishi is a little practitioner, don’t worry, it’s alright”. She also followed me and said “This little practitioner isn’t afraid, this little practitioner is alright”. While saying this I checked her hand. I found that her arm could not straighten and that her wrist could not turn. When I touched her swollen wrist again she instantly started to howl.

Photo of her wrist taken a week after the accident

I lightly pressed the swollen part and I felt that it was quite hard, not the feeling of swollen skin and flesh but more like a misplaced bone building up. As a doctor I realised what was happening before my eyes. I knew that this was a fracture, caused by the shifting of bones. People who study medicine all know that there are seven small bones in one’s wrist at the joining of the radius and the ulna. They work together to enable the movement of the hand. It is one of the joints in the body with the most functions. When these small bones are fractured or are knocked out of place, the joint won’t be able to move. Just like when the balls inside a ball bearing get stuck, then the parts won’t be able to move.

In my heart I was certain that if she deems herself as a small practitioner then everything will be alright. Therefore I kept on saying to her “little practitioner will be alright”. My husband who was not yet a practitioner asked with concern: “What happened? Let’s go to the hospital”. I and my daughter both said that it was nothing. It was only two to three minutes when, after helping her to get dressed, I heard her say “Ah, it’s become smaller”. Sure enough it wasn’t as hunched as before, and she could straighten her arm. Afterwards she listened to the some of the Falun Dafa lectures by the founder of Falun Gong, Teacher Li, and then we practise the exercises together.

What really surprised me was that she could almost finish the 2nd exercise lasting for thirty minutes, and she could sit down for one hour for the fifth exercise! This was a first. Maybe her true self knew what to do. In the past, she usually only practises the exercises for a while then she runs off to play. We don’t have Minghui classes* here yet and there are no other children to practise the exercises with. Later on she told me that when she was doing the first exercise her wrist really hurt. The second time it was less painful and the third time it didn’t hurt at all. After this she could move her left hand and smoothly do all kinds of moves, as if it was never injured. Also there was no more pain. It was like magic! * Minghui classes are classes run by Falun Gong practitioners in accordance with Falun Gong's principles of, Truthfulness Compassion and Forbearance.

Lishi practising the exercises during the Washington DC Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in 2004

Usually it would be really troublesome to have a fractured joint. The more functions a joint has the tougher it is to treat and to stabilise. If it gets worse then one might even have to have an operation or steel nails or things like that. It also takes a very long time to be fixed by plaster. Forget the suffering, one might even end up with permanent pain or limited functions as a result. This is the “injury arthritis” that doctors talk about and “rheumatism for common people”. No matter how capable a person is, it’s still very difficult to recover to the original state.

We were reminded of a story in the Falun Dafa book, Zhuan Falun, where an elderly lady was hit by a car and thrown down on the ground some ten meters away. Nevertheless the righteous thought of a practitioner can rectify any incorrect states.

Our vacation ended and we left the beautiful little island. The sunshine, waves and beach there left a good impression on us. Moreover we hope that this miraculous little story will bring some thoughtful moments to those who have a chance to read this.

* * *

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