Hohenloher Newspaper (Germany): Falun Gong Practitioners' Information Stall

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Thursday afternoon at the Öhringer Poststrasse: There was an information stall about human rights called “Made in China.” Many rushed by, busy and having no time. There is a crisis everywhere. One finds that here and there some citizens will stop to hear more about the situation in China, the slave labour camps and the silence by the media and governments. There is certainly no lack of work in China, though people are forced to work and receive no pay. At least that branch in China is successful, but has to be kept secret from Western investors.

Suddenly on July 20th 1999, one hundred million Chinese citizens are declared as public enemy number one. The former head of state Jiang Zemin was very clear in his instruction: “Tarnish their names, ruin them financially, destroy them physically!” A minority is demonised and become the scapegoats for all the ills in the Chinese system and society. Those in power cannot allow individuality and freedom of thought to flourish. This time, China’s most popular qigong practice Falun Gong becomes the culprit.

One finds at the stall, close to the pedestrian zone, three ladies from Öhringen who are exposing all the above to the public. They distribute leaflets to the passersby. The younger one talks to those who have stopped to listen to the truth about Falun Gong. The little one rides a wooden giraffe across from us and enjoys the breeze on the Poststrasse.

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