People are Coming to See the Truth in China

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The Nine Commentaries are Deep in People's Hearts

My husband works in a government position. One day a female official boasted, "My daughter and I are both Communist Party members." A coworker replied, "Don't you have a 'plan B' for yourself?"

My son liked to write essays. His teacher asked his class to pick one subject from over a hundred given topics. One student immediately said, "Teacher, how can we pick from so many subjects? Let's write about the Nine Commentaries."

When I chat with people, I find that many people have broken the Internet blockade and know the truth about the persecution and related matters.

It's a Good Idea to Destroy Objects and Reminders of the Evil Party

Since The Epoch Times published the suggestion to destroy the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) books, pictures, flags, emblems and other paraphernalia, Falun Dafa practitioners as well as others with righteous thoughts are actively destroying many reminders of the CCP. After one practitioner shared this idea with other practitioners, not only did they realise that they had the above-mentioned things at home but also other items such as magazines. (Many magazines in China have CCP motto's and symbols in them.)

When the practitioner realised this, he thoroughly cleaned out everything in his home that had any mention or reminder of the CCP. After he did this, his son changed a great deal for the better. He actively asked to quit the evil organisation and started to send forth righteous thoughts with his practitioner.

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