Switzerland: People Have a Knowing Side

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While collecting signatures to rescue fellow practitioners persecuted in China, we usually have some interesting encounters. Below are a few examples.

1. A female practitioner felt a sudden tap on her shoulder at the back and then a big hug when she was helping collect signatures. She thought it was someone familiar or a friend. However, when she turned back to see, she saw two western girls she did not know. She saw them laughing and immediately taking the pens from our practitioner. After they had their names signed, they took some leaflets and left happily.

2. On seeing our practitioners, a western couple came over immediately. The man soon took a pen to sign his name and then passed it to his wife so that she would also write down her name. After that, he asked carefully about the details of the signature collection. It seems that they came in particular to sign the petition.

3. At first, some passersby seemed to be indifferent when they passed by the practitioners distributing leaflets. However, after they had passed, they suddenly awoke and turned back. They left after taking leaflets from our practitioners.

4. When couples with their children pass by, some of the children aged about only six or seven would earnestly ask for leaflets though their parents did not have any reaction.

5. After several people signed their names on the petition form, practitioners expressed their thanks to them. They responded instead, “Thank you so much.”

Experiencing the things described above made practitioners who have held petition signature collection activities further understand the lesson Master Li has taught us that society's people have a knowing side. On the surface, our signature collection activity looks like a method for people to support us in rescuing practitioners being persecuted. People’s knowing side understands their support for Falun Gong at this moment will bring their life so much luck forever. When the side that knows dominates people’s behaviour, those unusual things happen. It also explains how eagerly people want to be saved. Today, practitioners should firmly grasp the time to save sentient beings with all kinds of methods.

* * *

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