Ukraine: Practitioners Condemn the Rape of Female Falun Gong Practitioners by Chinese Police

On December 10th, Ukrainian Falun Gong practitioners held a protest opposite the Chinese Embassy to protest against the six year long bloody persecution of Falun Gong practitioners; to strongly condemn the wicked rape of female Falun Gong practitioners by police in China and demand that the evil police be brought to justice.

Demonstrating in front of the Chinese embassy

Practitioners displayed a banner reading “Bring the wicked police and who raped Falun Gong practitioners to justice” in both Chinese and Ukrainian. On seeing the banner people immediately enquired about the details of the situation and expressed their anger.

Banner reading “Bring the wicked police who raped Falun Gong practitioners to justice” written in Chinese and Ukrainian

Before the activity at the Embassy finished, a crowd of elementary students passed by, they were attracted by the anti-torture exhibition and rushed to us to take leaflets. A little girl returned after walking some distance and said to a practitioner, “Can you give me more material? I want to give them to my friends”.

Exposing the evil persecution on a pedestrian street in the city centre

After the activity at the Chinese Embassy, practitioners went to a pedestrian street in the city centre and continued to expose the evil persecution. A tourist group from Turkey watched the anti-torture exhibition and accepted leaflets.

Many people signed our petition form to condemn the persecution after learning the truth

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