Experiencing the Magnificence of Falun Dafa through "Pudu," Clarifying the Truth and Encouraging Fellow Practitioners with Falun Dafa Music

After reading Master's "Teaching the Fa at the Meeting on Writing Music," I would like to share with fellow practitioners what I experienced over the past several years. During the bleakest moments of the persecution in Mainland China, Falun Dafa's music helped me gain inner peace and courage. Besides, it was also an excellent and effective way to expose the truth of the persecution. In addition, it encouraged my fellow practitioners in labour camps. Listening to and singing this music has deepened my understanding of the principles taught in Falun Dafa, has helped me to deepen my understanding of the process and meaning of Master's1 dissemination of the teachings, and has given me the ability to feel more deeply the power of Falun Dafa.

In 2002, because of the persecution, I was severely injured. While I was recovering, I often hummed Pudu. Although I enjoyed singing, I didn't listen to Pudu too much before the persecution. However during the time I was convalescing, Master gave me strength and I recalled ever more of Pudu, until I could hum the entire piece. I didn't have any books at the time, so Pudu and Hong Yin written on a paper became the main tools for my study of the Falun Gong teachings. Originally I couldn't read music notes too well, but during the process of humming Pudu, my abilities improved, and suddenly found that I could recognise the notes. This helped me sing them. The beautiful and elegant music of Falun Dafa accompanied me during the most difficult time of my cultivation.

In 2001, I left home. During that time, to encourage more practitioners to step out to let the people of China learn the truth about the practise, I wrote and printed the notes, and gave them to other practitioners. We sang together, and one practitioner began to cry. She said that she was going to sing Pudu at the party at her work unit. Sometimes when singing, I also felt like crying. I told other practitioners, "In this music, I can feel the great and immense power of Master. I felt that the climax at the end represents the present stage of the Fa-rectification. Whenever I am close to finishing the singing of Pudu, my tears begin to flow."

During that time, several practitioners and I went many places to expose the persecution. Wherever we went, everyone would always sing Pudu. Sometimes, many people were quietly waiting for a bus, but I couldn't find any topic to clarify the truth to the people next to us. So, I simply started to sing Pudu, showing that I was enjoying myself. I very soon attracted people's attention and they asked, "You are a musician, right?" "No... Isn't this song beautiful?" "Yes!" "This is Falun Dafa's music." This way, I explained the truth to people.

At the end of 2001, I was held in a detention centre. It was just like hell enclosed by a demon-gate. Not only were Falun Gong practitioners persecuted, even the person in charge of the "classes" suffered, and there was no joy at all. On one of the few days when we did not work, everyone attended "class." The guards asked us to sing the "reforming song" and the songs of the evil party. No Falun Gong practitioner sang. The class leader became very worried, "Do you know how we have suffered alongside you Falun Gong practitioners? Finally today we can sing some songs and enjoy ourselves, but you don't sing. If the guards pass our door and notice we are so quiet, I will be punished." Seeing her so troubled, I thought that we were not harmonious enough and said, "Then, I will sing one." "Great." The leader felt great relief. So I started to sing Pudu quietly. The leader felt strange after I finished the prelude and asked, "Your song doesn't have words? Only notes?" I turned around and looked at practitioners. Everyone was surprised with joy and some of them even hummed a little with me. Realising that everyone had understood me, I ignored the leader's question and continued. Before long, the class leader became quiet, and the beautiful melody made the environment peaceful and calm.

Later on, I was transferred to another class, and I continued to sing Pudu. The atmosphere in our class was always like that of a holiday. After I left there, the leader still remembered: "The song Zi Wei sang is really beautiful." No matter which class I was in, I clarified the truth to people. Workers there truly realised the beauty of the practise via the Falun Dafa music.

In 2002, I was imprisoned in a forced labour camp. The environment there was very evil. I thought that I could only encourage my fellow practitioners through the principles taught in Falun Gong, despite our being monitored very strictly and relentlessly. In order to avoid further loss for the Falun Dafa practitioners, I shared the new articles from memory. However, I found that the labour camp encouraged the people there to sing songs regardless of what songs they were, and it seemed that everyone copied the notes of songs into a notebook. I wrote down the notes to Pudu so that everyone could sing it. The guards didn't know what song we were copying. Music was the only written way I could have others learn about Falun Dafa. Later, more practitioners came in and they said that there were other songs written by practitioners on the PureInsight website. They taught me "Falun Dafa is Good," "Be Saved," etc. I then wrote down the notes for these songs and gave them to everyone. The guards didn't know what I was doing. In that evil place, both Pudu and Jishi and those songs created by practitioners strongly encouraged us, strengthened the righteous thoughts of those who were confused and helped determined people become even more determined.

I can't remember how many times I sang Pudu for practitioners in the labour camps. Before I left the labour camp, I had another chance to sing Pudu for a practitioner. During the time I was singing, she wanted to interrupt but held herself back. Her face was full of joy and excitement. This practitioner had been cultivating with her third eye open, and as soon as I finished singing, she said, "The field is so good. A wall of golden light has been erected from this side to the other side of the room. I have never seen a golden colour this beautiful, and when you sang the climax part, the field became stronger and the golden colour became more beautiful!" I finally understood why in the labour camp everyone started to cry whenever I sang Pudu. This strengthened my belief that Falun Dafa music is also an instrument of the Fa (law or principle; the teachings in Falun Dafa), and the power of Fa is of course that great.

From my experience with Falun Dafa music, I have understood many magnificent inner meanings of the principles taught in Falun Gong, but it is difficult for me to express this in words. I am truly grateful to Master who has bestowed upon us such beautiful music - the precious Fa, to us.


1. Master/Teacher: Respectfully referring to the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi.

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