Malaysia: Practitioners Appeal Continuously in Front of the Chinese Embassy

Since the end of December 2005, Malaysian practitioners have been peacefully appealing in front of the Chinese Embassy every day. Every morning and evening they practise the Falun Gong exercises and send righteous thoughts to peacefully protest the ongoing brutality and call the public's attention to it.

Practitioners peacefully protest the persecution in front of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia

Since the activity began, practitioners have encountered all kinds of interference. During the early days of this activity, it would start to rain when practitioners just started to send righteous thoughts. Sometimes it only rained at the Embassy and nearby area. Later, security personnel at the Embassy repeatedly called police to disperse the practitioners. Whenever the police came, practitioners would explain to them why they came to protest. The practitioners told the police officers that they would protest every day until the persecution ends.

Once, the Chinese Ambassador's limousine passed by while practitioners were sending righteous thoughts. Staff members of the Embassy requested that police officers disperse the practitioners. The officers said that the practitioners didn't violate any laws and protesting was their right, and refused to do so.

Later, due to the Embassy's pressure to higher-level authorities, the police was forced to interfere with the practitioners' protest again and said that they could only take action if practitioners continue to protest. Practitioners then went to the police bureau to clarify the truth to high-ranking officials, telling them that they were determined to continue the protest. Eventually, the practitioners were able to continue.

When they learned that the practitioners' protest has been consistently peaceful and rational, the police authorities were moved by their uncompromising spirit.

Some police officers were concerned for the practitioners' health, as they often appealed in rainy weather. Every day many drivers of passing vehicles would sound their horns or raise their thumbs to encourage the practitioners and express their support.

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