United States: Falun Gong Practitioners and Other Groups in Los Angeles Call on U.S. Government to Bring Criminal CCP Agents to Justice

Upon hearing the shocking news that Falun Gong practitioner Dr. Yuan Li, the Chief Technical Expert with the Epoch Times, was violently assaulted by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operatives, on the morning of February 10th, southern California practitioners and several other Chinese groups rallied in front of the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles to strongly condemn the CCP's violence and criminal activities and to call on the U.S. government to thoroughly investigate the case and bring the criminals to justice.

Reportedly, at noon on February 8th, CCP agents forced their way into Dr. Yuan Li's home, pistol whipped him and caused severe cuts and bruises to his face. They overturned his file cabinets, stole two laptop computers and potentially other important documents, but no valuables.

Falun Gong practitioners, joined by several other Chinese groups, rallied in front of the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles to condemn the Chinese Communist agents for assaulting Dr. Yuan Li and to call upon the U.S. government to thoroughly investigate the incident and bring the criminals to justice

The CCP's Violence on U.S. Soil is Shocking

During the rally, Dr. Yingnian Wu, a UCLA associate professor and representative of the local Falun Gong group, expressed his indignation over the assault. Dr. Wu said that Dr. Li, a very smart and yet humble man, was his friend. Dr. Li studied at Tsinghua University in China and came to the United States to pursue his Ph.D at Princeton University. His advisor was a Nobel Prize Laureate, and Dr. Li himself had more than 10 patents from his time with Bell Labs.

Dr. Wu said that since the CCP started to persecute Falun Gong 1999, Dr. Li had done a lot in order to stop the persecution and offered technical support to the Epoch Times. The violent assault on Dr. Li on U.S. soil in broad daylight is not tolerable.

Practitioner representatives Yingnian Wu (left) and Youfu Li (right), give speeches at the rally

Ms. Xu, a representative of the Epoch Times' Los Angeles branch, said that the CCP cannot be distinguished from a gangster organisation and its terrorist tactics constitute a severe threat to human life, peace, morality and conscience.

"It routinely tramples on mainstream values and violates human dignity. All people with a sense of justice, media and governments should pay close attention to how the CCP regime suppresses people of conscience in China, bullies media outside of China and innocent individuals, and reveals its evil nature." Ms. Xu stated.

Desperate Struggle Before Its Doom

Fan Wu, the chief editor of China Affairs magazine, said that the fact that the CCP would attack outspoken, unarmed citizens with weapons tells the world that the regime has become totally irrational.

Yinquan Liu, the secretary of the Chinese Social Democracy Party, said that the U.S. is a powerful democratic nation. The fact that the CCP used such violence on U.S. soil reveals that the regime is desperate.

Mr. Yinquan Liu, secretary of the Chinese Social Democracy Party, gives a speech

Practitioner Youfu Li said that only a few media companies, including the Epoch Times, dared to report the CCP's campaign of genocide against Falun Gong practitioners, and thus the regime feared the newspaper very much. The Epoch Times book, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party [see www.theepochtimes.com for more information], systematically revealed the CCP's severe crimes against the Chinese people. Now, as it apparently feels its end approaching, it has taken off its disguise to violently attack the newspaper.

Dr. Wu believes that the assault was designed to intimidate Dr. Li and steal high-profile documents of the Epoch Times. However, the regime's attempt was apparently in vain. After the assault, Dr. Li promptly stated that he would continue his noble efforts to expose the evil nature of the CCP and that his notebooks were highly encrypted.

Mr. Yinquan Li also commented that the assault accomplished nothing but to reveal the CCP's evil nature.

People Within the CCP Regime Should Distance Themselves from the Evil

During the rally, Fan Wu asked all those intelligence operatives: What promises or benefits did the CCP give to you to make you do such evil things in exchange for your lives? No one who sells his soul to the CCP has a good fate. One of the most famous CCP intelligence agents, Wudai Jin, hid in the U.S. for more than 30 years and was a high-ranking U.S. government official. When he was caught, the CCP refused to recognise him and discarded him like a dog. Those who work for the CCP must think this over: Will you continue to follow CCP?

The rally moderator, Zheng Qu, pointed out that violence, gangsterism and lies can never last long. History has shown us that followers of evil never have a good fate. The CCP is now openly using all kinds of vicious measures, as it knows it is so close to its end. Those who are still following the regime should read the Nine Commentaries so that they can recognise the evil nature of the regime and choose a bright future.

Youfu Li said that CCP intelligence agents should make a choice between karmic retribution for following the regime and a bright future by awakening to their conscience. They should read the Nine Commentaries and listen to Falun Gong practitioners. They should know that many CCP intelligence operatives and evil police officers have already received karmic retribution.

Thoroughly Investigate the Assault and Bring The Criminals to Justice

Dr. Wu stressed: Falun Gong practitioners strongly condemn the CCP's violence in broad daylight and call on the U.S. government to thoroughly investigate the assault and bring the CCP agents to justice. Meanwhile, the practitioners call upon media, government and the public to pay close attention to the security of staff members of the Epoch Times, Falun Gong practitioners and all people who are against the CCP's tyranny.

On behalf of the Chinese Social Democratic Party, Yinquan Li called on people with conscience in the CCP system to speak out against the CCP's violence for their own safety and the future of their children. He also called upon the U.S. government to investigate the assault and punish the criminals.

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