A Few Thoughts on "Seeing Two Sides of the Chinese Communist Party"

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When clarifying the truth, that is regarding the evil persecution and breaking the shell of the "Party Culture," I always encounter some questions which are difficult to answer. For example, some people have reasoned, "We should see both sides of an issue before judging it. Isn't the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) good in some ways? Didn't the Chinese Communist Party do its job helping those who suffered from floods? Hasn't the CCP done lots of work promoting economic development and fulfilling a societal role in educating school-age children? Aren't these things the manifestation of the good side of the CCP?"

However, even this dialectical theory that Chinese people use is imparted by the CCP. Very often we Falun Gong practitioners are controlled by the party culture ways of thinking as well. That's why sometimes we find it difficult to clarify the truth. In fact, the party culture is very shallow and contradicts itself. It has no roots. The basic characteristic of party culture is "possession." Hence, all the theories that the CCP has infused into Chinese people's heads are "possession theories" that distort the original principles of the Universe by attaching the content of party culture to them. When we speak the real truth of the Universe, very naturally the possession theories dissolve.

Right now a popular view held by Chinese people is that everything has its good and bad sides. Based on this view, then the CCP should be good in some way. For example, it offered help to those who suffered from floods. Unfortunately, many people cannot broaden their perspectives beyond this theory. And that's exactly the false theory that the CCP imparts into people's heads after it brainwashes them, because if you analyse it a little bit further you will find that "offering help to people suffering from floods" itself also has good and bad sides.

The good side includes soldiers helping people, fighting with the bad weather and people from all over the country donating money, clothing and other things to those who are in the disaster area. The bad side, which is always hidden from us, includes the fact that we are never given an accounting of donated funds. Furthermore, most of the clothes donated are new, but people in the disaster area were given shabby ones. Every day, television shows reporting on the flood's impact on people living in the flooded area depict only scenes of soldiers bravely saving and helping people, and leaders inspecting the flooded area and expressing concern for those who were suffering. Yet, we never see just how devastating the disaster really was on the lives of people affected. Both people suffering and soldiers helping were opportunistically used to praise how "great, glorious, and correct" the CCP is. And if we analyse even further, we will find that "soldiers helping and fighting with the flood" has two aspects as well. Some soldiers did a good job, while others did not. It's human's nature, because not all the people have the same abilities. But what did the CCP do with this? It asks the capable soldiers who did an excellent job to join the CCP fast and swear in front of the blood red flag to zealously serve the CCP with their lives. For what? To be infused with the evil doctrines of Marx, Lenin, Mao, Deng and Jiang. Gradually, these soldiers no longer have their own thoughts and become beings possessed by these doctrines. The soldiers who couldn't do a good job will lose their soldiers' identities or ranks after several years, which means those who are sons of peasants must return to the countryside as peasants while those from proletarian families must again become workers like their parents. The CCP never forgets to separate people into different levels even under circumstances like this.

Everything that the evil party has ever done comports with this nature. That is if we keep dividing things to the very end, it turns out that there is nothing good about the evil party at all. Some people find it difficult to accept because they think that the result of such division should at least reveal a good side. In this situation, we practitioners may not even know how to explain things clearly. So we simply say, "For the evil party, it's not possible to separate it into good and bad sides! We must deny every part of it!"

In fact, the method of "seeing both sides" is generated from the Universe's principle of "mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition." Under a certain level of the Universe, all materials and lives have "dual natures," good and bad. But the evil spirit of the CCP is against the whole universe, which means that it is also against the principle of "mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition" of the Universe. For example, it preaches "that there is endless happiness in fighting against Heaven, against earth, and against everyday people." It also brainwashes people in a way such that the human nature of people is eventually replaced by the party nature. Taking by deception and sorcery, gaining without losing, denying karmic retribution and being extremely selfish are the results of the CCP's preaching. Therefore, the evil spirit of the CCP is not within the realm of "dividing things into two sides." It is purely bad from head to toe. Hence, when we divide something as bad as this into two sides for analysis, both sides will be bad with nothing else. So the method that we used to analyse the CCP in the previous paragraph is not ungrounded. We were just unable to explain things to the finest extent.

This is just my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners, please kindly help me correct my shortcomings.

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