More and More Police in China are Helping Falun Dafa Practitioners

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The Person in Charge of a Public Security System in Hubei Province Refuses to Persecute Falun Dafa Practitioners

In Hubei province, a Falun Dafa practitioner's younger brother worked in the public security system and was also the person in charge of the system. Once he understood the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong, he always secretly helped practitioners.

Recently, he was asked to become Head of the local Criminal Police Department. He refused to take the position. He told his brother, "Do you know what the Criminal Police Department does? It persecutes Falun Dafa. I am not going to do that." At his own insistence, he was given a job that has nothing to do with persecuting Falun Dafa.

A Police Officer Rescues a Falun Dafa Practitioner

In 2003, in South Liaoning Province, a police officer who had learnt the truth about Falun Dafa was informed that a practitioner had been arrested by the local police. He immediately called the deputy director of the police station and requested that he release the practitioner. The practitioner was released that day.

"People Are Loving and Respecting You More and More"

A Falun Dafa practitioner was clarifying the truth about the persecution to an elderly man at a flower market. The man listened very carefully. At last, he said, "I tell you, now people are loving and respecting you more and more."

"Your Words Deeply Touched My Heart"

In October of 2001, a farmer was held for six months in a detention centre in Dalian City for a crime related to prostitution. A Falun Dafa practitioner talked to him about karmic retribution and about how he could be a good person. The next day, the farmer said, "Last night I cried silently under my blanket. Your words deeply touched my heart." He expressed that nobody had taught him so much before, and now since he had learnt about karmic retribution, he wanted to have a fresh start and be good from then on.

"Someday Soon I Will Let All of You Practise Falun Dafa"

Three Falun Dafa practitioners were held in a room for so-called "Strict Monitoring" in a city-level forced labour camp. One day, an inmate who was in charge of the "Strict Monitoring Room" felt very angry upon observing the deceptive and brutal nature of the guards, and said to the practitioners, "Someday soon I will let all of you practise Falun Dafa."

The inmate respects practitioners' unshakable spirit in upholding the truth. Several days later, he let the practitioners (all except one who was chained to a metal bed) practise the exercises. In order to let the practitioners safely practise, he made other inmates watch out for the guards. The inmates remarked, "Who is really being watched?"

This is in fact the true situation. Forced labour camp inmates who have understood the truth help Falun Dafa practitioners by watching the guards. They know that Falun Dafa practitioners are all kind-hearted good people, while the guards often ask them to create trouble for practitioners and do bad deeds.

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