Stories from Ancient China: Getting Rid of Jealousy and Transforming Misfortune into Happiness

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This story took place in the Song Dynasty. Jiang Yuan had ten sons - one was a hunchback, one's legs were disabled, one had withered limbs, one had disabled feet, one was mentally ill, one was mentally challenged, one was a deaf person, one was blind, one could not talk and one died in jail.

When Zigao saw this, he asked, "What have you done? Why do you suffer so much misfortune?"

Jiang Yuan replied, "In my life, I have never done anything bad. But I am always jealous of others. When people have done better than I, I am jealous. I like only those who flatter me. When I heard that somebody else did some good deeds, I would feel doubtful. But when I heard that somebody did some bad things, I would never question it. When I saw others obtain profits, I would feel as if I suffered some loss. But when I saw others lose something, I would feel as if I gained a fortune."

Zigao sighed, "Your heart is so bad. Your misfortune will not be just those you have already suffered - your entire family may be exterminated."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yuan felt very upset. Zigao said to him, "Although Heaven is far above us, it sees clearly what is happening in the human world. If you can thoroughly rectify your errors, your misfortune will be transformed into happiness. It is not too late to mend your ways."

Since then, Jiang Yuan became very alert and cautious and was determined to rectify himself. In a few years, his sons recovered from their afflictions one after another.

Jealousy makes people feel resentful. What's worse, it makes people do bad deeds and offend the heavens. Jealousy is the manifestation of being self-centred and selfish. In the beginning, Jiang Yuan was very jealous and had no compassion at all. Because of that, he met with retribution. After he genuinely mended his errors, misfortune turned into happiness. This is exactly like the old saying: "Families that accumulate good deeds are bound to have blessings while families that accumulate bad deeds are bound to have retribution."

* * *

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