France: Human Rights Organisations Rally to Support Lawyer Gao Zhisheng and Those Quitting the CCP

On February 26th, 2006, various organisations from several European countries participated in a rally and parade in Place d’Italie, Paris to express support for the withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and for the hunger strike initiated by the Chinese attorneys, aiming to accelerate the dissolution of the CCP.

Among the participants were Tang Hanlong from the French Falun Gong Association, Zhang Jian from French Branch of the Chinese Alliance for Democracy, Wu Jiang and Jiang Youlu from the French Branch of the China Democracy Party, Zhang Jianping from the French Epoch Times, Fan Andun, vice chairman of the Free Vietnamese Association in France, Mr. Khul and Mr. Piseth from Cambodia, who are the chairman and vice chairman of the Asian youth democracy Association respectively, Mr. Lyfoung from the Laotian Friendship Association and Mr. Ko, representative of the Burmese Parliament in France.

Many organisations’ representatives gave speeches at the rally. They highly praised the courage of the 8.5 million Chinese people that have withdrawn from the CCP and expressed their support for the relay hunger strike initiated by renowned Chinese attorney Gao Zhisheng to protest the persecution against rights defending advocates. They also condemned the hoodlum approaches taken by the Chinese Communist regime inside and outside China, and expressed their determination to eradicate the Chinese regime’s atrocious rule.

The following is the text of Mr. Tang Hanlong’s remarks:

Ladies and gentlemen and other dear friends:

I am feeling a mixture of joy and sorrow here today. What makes me feel joyful is that we have witnessed more and more peace-loving people saying “No” to the Chinese Communist regime by telling the truth and taking peaceful action in the face of China’s atrocious rule. That is indeed something delightful to us. But in the meantime, I am also feeling sorrowful as many innocent people have lost their lives due to the heinous crimes committed by the Chinese Communist regime. In the meantime, many people are being poisoned by the lies fabricated by the Chinese government.

Today our rally here is to show our grave concern about the rights defending attorney Gao Zhisheng and his righteous deeds. In the meantime, we are marking the auspicious day that over 800 million people have withdrawn from the evil CCP. No matter if you are Chinese, Asian or European, we are here to express, in a special way, our concern about the incident taking place recently. Thank you.

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