United States: CCP's Secret Concentration Camp Condemned at Rally in Houston, Texas

According to a report on Dafa website report on March 8th, a former Chinese journalist has revealed that the CCP has set up a secret concentration camp in the Sujiantun district of Shenyang City to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. It said that the camp contains several thousand practitioners and has a crematory and an unusually large number of doctors. The source said that no one has ever came out alive and all bodies had internal organs removed before cremation.

The news about this concentration camp has shocked and outraged all kind-hearted people. To protest this newly discovered atrocity of the CCP, Houston practitioners rallied outside the Chinese Consulate to strongly condemn the crime and call on the international community to investigate the camp and take actions to stop the killing.

Houston practitioners rally in front of Chinese Consualte to strongly condemn the CCP's hidden crimes

During the rally, a number of practitioners spoke out to condemn the persecution.

Mr. Song said: "The CCP detained practitioners in the 'Sujiatun Secrete Concentration Camp' and these practitioners can be subjects in any so-called studies. The CCP regime routinely removes practitioners' organs and then cremates their bodies. Such a crime is outrageous and cannot be tolerated."
Practitioner Wang Bein, 44, was tortured to death on September 24th, 2000 by guards at the Daqing Forced Labour Camp. After Wang died, the CCP authorities had his internal organs removed.

Practitioner Wang Bein, 44, was tortured to death on September 24, 2000 by guards at the Daqing Forced Labour Camp. After Wang died, the CCP authorities had his internal organs removed.

Both Mr. Huang and Kan compared the camp to the Nazi's genocide of Jewish people. Back then, Nazis killed Jewish people in gas chambers and then cremated their bodies. In the 21st century, a crematorium is being used by the CCP to kill the most peaceful civilians. However, in the genocide of Falun Gong the murderers not only kill practitioners but also remove their organs for money before cremating the bodies. The crematorium is being used to destroy evidence of the CCP's crime; however, the sheer barbarity of the crime tell us that the regime is about to collapse.

Ms. Chen provided two cases in which practitioners were persecuted to death and had organs removed by the CCP authorities: Falun Dafa practitioner, Mr. Zuo Zhigang was 33 and worked at a privately-owned computer store located on Zhongshan Street, in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. On May 30th, 2001, police from the Public Security Bureau of Shijiazhuang City and the "610" Office abducted him from his workplace and took him to the Qiaoxi District Police Station in Shijiazhuang. Later, the police interrogated Zuo Zhigang, and he was killed the same day. One of his ears was dark purple and there were two big square-shaped holes on the back of his torso. There was a mark on his neck showing that a string had been pulled tightly around it.

Ms. Hao Runjuan was very healthy before she was arrested. After being continuously tortured for 22 days by police in the Baiyun Detention Centre, Hao Renjuan's young life was taken away. After Hao Runjuan was tortured to death, the police authorities had the body autopsied without her family members knowing, even though the law requires the signature of a family member to approve an autopsy. When the family was told to identify the body, the body had become completely unrecognisable, but there were still fresh, red bloodstains on it. Because the body was so disfigured, none of her family members believed it was Hao Runjuan, even after seeing the body twice. Then, the family had to take the two-year-old son for a DNA blood test to confirm the body was truly his mother's. Finally, it was confirmed that the completely unrecognisable body was that of Hao Runjuan.

Practitioners sent out their urgent appeal to the public: People with information, please come forward to expose the barbarity of the CCP, and all kind-hearted Chinese and others in the international community should pay close attention to the genocide of Falun Gong practitioners.

The Falun Gong Association stated on March 10th, "All those who have participated in the crimes, no matter where they try to hide, will surely be brought to justice."

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