United Kingdom: The Overseas Chinese Organisation for Upholding Human Rights Protest against the CCP's Trade in Human Organs

When the news of Sujiatun concentration camp and the removal of human organs from living victims was exposed recently, the UK Chinese Organisations for Upholding Human Rights handed in an appeal letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair, and asked the UK government to be concerned about trade in human organs removed from the bodies of Falun Gong practitioners.

The Independent reported earlier that week that trading in human organs on the black market is still rampant in mainland China. The UK Chinese organisation for Upholding Human Rights protested that the Chinese hospitals involved in the human organs trading benefited from it.

The UK Chinese Organisation for Upholding Human Rights handed in a related appeal letter to Mr Blair.
On Wednesday, the head of the UK Organisation for Upholding Human Rights, and Friends of Tiananmen Mothers, Ze Xia said that the matter had been raised with the UK government and hoped the Sujiatun incident would be investigated. Sujiatun, near Shenyang City in Liaoning province, China, is a hospital on the surface, but actually the crimes are committed here in an underground building. Ze Xia said that the most vicious thing is they take the organs away from people who were detained in prisons, while they’re alive, and it is said that most of them are Falun Gong practitioners.

Ze Xia expressed that the human rights organization’s volunteers were all stunned by the Sujiatun incident and will start to explain to the external world that the human organs trade is still rampant inside China.

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