France: Falun Gong Practitioners Protest against the Chinese Communist Regime

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On March 19th, 2006, French Falun Gong practitioners gathered at the Esplanade du Trocadéro (Human Rights Square) in Paris to expose the Chinese Communist regime’s brutal killing of Falun Gong practitioners during the past seven years. They strongly protested against the Chinese Communist regime’s establishment of a secret concentration camp in Sujiatun to harvest Falun Gong practitioners’ organs while still alive.

At the Esplanade du Trocadéro with the Eiffel Tower, which is the symbol of freedom, democracy and human rights, French Falun Gong practitioners called on all kind-hearted people around the world to open their eyes and clearly recognise the intrinsic evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). By doing so, the righteous forces will be able to eliminate the unprecedented and most evil, despicable and cruel specter of the CCP altogether. They also hoped that illegally imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners will regain their freedom, and that all those who are forced to participate in the persecution will stop committing the crimes and repent.

French Falun Gong practitioners gather at the Esplanade du Trocadéro to expose and protest the Chinese Communist regime’s brutal atrocities.

A representative of Falun Gong introduced Falun Gong to local people and the tourists from around the world, and urged them to sign the petition to support Falun Gong and to put an end to the Chinese Communist regime’s atrocities. He said, “Falun Gong is a high-level cultivation practice of the Buddha School, based on the universal principles of ‘Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance.’ It is practised by people in over seventy countries around the world. However, today Falun Gong practitioners are undergoing persecution in China. Falun Gong practitioners and their family members have suffered inhuman torture and torments. We call on all the media and governments around the globe to pay attention to this plight, and launch an investigation into the atrocities taking place in the Sujiatun concentration camp. The crimes committed by the Chinese Communist regime must be punished, so as to put an end to this unprecedented appalling tragedy.”

Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Hwa read an investigation report on the concentration camp in Sujiatun regarding its systematic practice of removing organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, issued by the “World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG).” It stated: “Providing organs from living human beings also involves the organ’s recipients, the military and local hospitals carrying out the organ transplants, and other supporting functions. Although the Chinese Communist authorities and staff members involved keep it a top secret, a lot of people have learned some information about the death camp. Many high-level Chinese Communist government officials in Liaoning Province and Shenyang City, especially those at management levels in the health bureaus, know about and have collaborated in this operation. The establishment and operation of the death camp has been masterminded at top levels of the Chinese Communist Party.”

A representative of Falun Gong calls informs passers-by about the facts of the persecution. Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Hwa reads an investigation report on the Sujiatun concentration camp. Passersby listening to the explanation of the facts about Falun Gong.

A statement issued by the WOIPFG on March 10th, 2006, said: “We encourage all people with information to come forward and provide names of individuals and units that involved in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in the Sujiatun concentration camp. To protect informants who provide us with important evidence, WOIPFG will help them to leave China and obtain asylum status. For practitioners who have disappeared after being arrested, their family members are asked to take immediate action to demand to know the whereabouts of their loved ones from the Chinese Communist regime.”

A couple from Shenyang province talked with practitioners about Falun Gong, and told our reporter that their relatives are Falun Gong practitioners and were sent to a forced labour camp in Shenyang. When asked if they have heard of the Sujiatun concentration camp, they replied:, “I do know that Falun Gong is being persecuted. As I am from Shenyang, I know many people practicing Falun Gong there. I know Falun Gong is very good, and it is especially good for our health.”

After viewing the posters about the persecution of Falun Gong, a French teenager and his Chinese girlfriend said, “How can we help to deal with this cruel persecution? Do you need our donation?”
After viewing the photos of Falun Gong practitioners who were persecuted, a French woman and her daughter signed to support Falun Gong’s protest against the Chinese Communist regime’s atrocities. She said, “It is really extremely terrible. This is the year 2006. I was shocked to learn that this kind of things could still happen today. It is really ridiculous. I just cannot imagine that this situation could even take place again in the world. It is indeed too cruel to murder people like this.”

Passersby ask how they can help A French woman and her daughter sign to support Falun Gong

Passersby want to know about Falun Gong Children listen to an introduction to Falun Gong

After viewing the exhibited photos and listening to Falun Gong practitioners’ explanation of the atrocities in Sujiatun concentration camp, tourists from various places around the world and local residents signed to support Falun Gong. They were shocked to learn that the Sujiatun concentration camp exists on China’s soil. Those who had experienced the persecution perpetrated in the Nazi era will never allow any Auschwitz-style concentration camps to exist in the world again. Justice and will triumph eventually.

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