Czech Republic: Practitioners Protest against Organ Harvesting in Chinese Concentration Camps

On March 22nd 2006, in the historic centre of Prague a hunger strike protest took place. Practitioners of the Czech Republic aimed to inform people about the Chinese death camps, where organs are taken from living Falun Gong practitioners. Organs are then being sold for profit and used for transplants. During the presentation, many passers-by stopped to sign the petition calling for justice for practitioners. The total number of signatures that day was 447.

Practitioners also performed reconstructions of operations which brought the atrocities happening in China to life. The passers-by were deeply shocked; many of them thought that concentration camps are something impossible in our modern society. The horrors which take place in modern China are indeed hard to believe. People either expressed their support with few words or signed the petition.

The “operations” in Prague attracted not just tourists, but also the media's attention. Practitioners informed the Czech media, the Czech News Agency Source and NTD Television about organ harvesting in China’s death camps. Also a reporter from the Czech radio station Radiozurnal asked the practitioners for telephone interviews.

A Chinese man living in Munich asked the practitioners for a Japanese flyer for his girlfriend. He himself knows about Falun Gong because many of his friends practice it. An elderly couple from Hungary, after they had read the flyers and watched an exercise demonstration, took more material about Falun Gong because they wanted to give them to their friends. Another man said, “Bravo!” then said he got the flyer earlier in his own country. In the afternoon, a lady from Prague came to ask how many signatures practitioners had collected; she herself signed the petition that morning.

Sympathy with suffering people is something natural to mankind. All of us in our daily lives certainly meet with this kind of situation from time to time. Sometimes it happens that we forget for a while to express human solidarity. But when we realise that similar thing can happen also to us, or end even tomorrow, for example, then we are able to imagine the terrible suffering of other people and speak about it from our hearts. Such things help not just the people in those camps. It helps us. According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, all the good deeds will meet with rewards and all the bad deeds provoke retribution.

In China there exist several death camps. Falun Gong practitioners quickly responded to the terrible news from China and in many countries open protests took place. Later on petitions will be handed to the government officials and leaders of many countries.

Below is the text of the petition which is available on-line. It can be signed up to May 15th at:

We, the undersigned, intend to draw the attention of the President and the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic about organ harvesting crimes committed on Falun Gong practitioners in secret concentration camps and forced-labour camps in China.

We entreat the President and the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic to demand that the government of the People's Republic of China cease its persecution of Falun Gong practitioners immediately and enable the United Nations and other human rights organisations to enter all the concentration camps and centres where Falun Gong practitioners are detained for broad and rigorous investigation of these crimes.

Simulated organ harvesting draws a crowd of onlookers

Hunger strike Distributing leaflets

Passersby sign the petitions and read the banners

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