Clarifying the Truth of Falun Dafa to an Interested Class

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I was invited to give a speech about Falun Gong at the Lärcentrum (Teaching Centre) in Motala, February 21, 2002. Earlier I had studied a ten-week course on institutional care, and for that class I had given a speech as well as for another one. It was the teacher who thought that I should give a speech when I told the class that I practised Falun Gong. She didn’t know much about Falun Gong so she wanted to know more.

I had never given such a speech to a class, so I was somewhat nervous, but I thought that I now had the chance to tell the truth about Falun Dafa. My attachment hindered me from speaking out about the truth, but when I thought about the practitioners in China, I thought that I must be responsible and speak out. When I tried to focus on the persecution I became calmer. I thought that I must speak from my heart all the time, so I don’t get stuck in facts, and then it became easier and all the tension was gone. I spoke from my own experience of what Falun Dafa has given me, which made it very easy to talk in front of the class –all tension left my mind when I spoke from my heart. These were the first two speeches I gave and we also did all the exercises together. The teacher felt when she came home that evening that she was full of energy all night long and she usually was not like that.

Two months after I had finished the course the teacher called me and asked if I would like to give one more speech, and I said yes. I went there and took along another practitioner from the same town.

When we got there we didn’t know how we were going to do it, but we put our trust in Dafa [Truthfulness- Compassion- Forbearance]. We spoke from our own experiences of practising Falun Dafa and then they listened in a more open manner and put their trust in us. We told them how we had felt before we started practising Falun Gong and how it changed our lives. We both had problems in our youth and family problems, and through this we ended up being involved in crime, drugs, alcohol and other immoral things, which almost ruined our lives.

We both had problems with depression, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, restlessness, remorse and stress before we started practising Falun Gong. We told how we got rid of all this by following Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance) and studying Zhuan Falun [the main book of Falun Gong]. After that I went deeper into what Falun Dafa is and explained what cultivation means. I told them that Falun Dafa is an enlightenment method and that one does not have to be reborn through samsara (reincarnation cycle). I also told them how one lets go of various attachments, pursuits and feelings in order to raise one’s level and morality.

One student who was there knew me from before and saw the changes in me, and could hardly recognize me. He told me that I was very calm and stable.

When we spoke about the persecution, they become interested in why something so good could be persecuted. Then we clarified the truth that it was the popularity of Falun Gong and that it was so many practitioners in such a short time that frightened Jiang Zemin. After that he banned Falun Gong. Before the persecution Falun Gong was praised for its health benefits.

We showed the video SOS Europe, but the teacher turned it off after halfway through – the class thought that the pictures and the persecution was very cruel, inhumane and brutal, and they thought that it was unbelievable that China could be a host for the Olympic Games. One woman felt that she was guilty for the ongoing persecution as we had let them get the Olympic Games. People are quite sensitive that they cannot bear to see such cruel pictures. My nephew said a few days later that people like watching the pictures of dead bodies of human beings. But then I said that this is the truth, we must show the world the pictures, but afterwards I realized that it isn’t the cruel pictures that are most important. We have to be very careful to show people these things, as all the cruel pictures from TV and the newspapers have already messed up their feelings. I won’t show this kind of pictures or video films in speeches to come. I and my fellow practitioner realized that it isn’t the shocking or cruel pictures that makes people wake up, but what comes from one’s heart and with Shan (Compassion), for then people are moved to a deeper level.

Then we told them how China is spreading lies and propaganda about Falun Gong, which misleads the world. We told them how difficult it is for western media and human rights organizations to get the real picture because they are harassed all the time and get their cameras confiscated, and expelled from the country. We told them that the information in China is totally blocked and that is why we are here to tell the truth of what is going on in China. I told the class the more people who know what is going on in China the faster this brutal persecution will end.

Some of them showed interest to come to the practice site and try out Falun Gong.

By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Motala, Sweden


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