The Moment I Saw Hope

Weiyu is a girl with classical beauty, modesty, and a quiet manner. Her long hair, which reaches below her knees, is especially beautiful as it is not often seen these days. If someone speaks to her, she listens politely and attentively.

I got to know her when she was hired at my workplace after graduating from college. One slow afternoon, we started chatting and naturally came to the topic of Falun Gong, the staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident, etc. Suddenly, Weiyu acted like a different person. She was furious and yelled loudly repeating the lies spread by CCTV. Even after clarifying the specific points regarding the so-called self-immolation, she was still hateful. I knew it was not her that was hateful; rather, it was the Chinese Communsit Party's (CCP's) hate propaganda that was stuffed into her mind.

At our workplace there is a place for each of us to rest after lunch. However, one day Weiyu's place was occupied by some students. Since I was given a separate room with plenty of space, I invited her to come to my room, which she happily accepted.

From then on, every day after lunch, we would chat for a while and then take a short nap. For a period of time I told her about many ancient cultivation stories, as well as examples of reincarnation and different prophecies. I then told her that Falun Gong was an ancient cultivation path--it's just that it had not previously been introduced to the public. I also told her that the real story of Falun Gong is different from the television propaganda. The information she had previously received was falsified, just like what happened with SARS. I then told her about quitting the CCP and its subordinate organizations, and said, "If calamity occurs in China--as the prophecies predict, I would wish you peace; if it doesn't happen, you have nothing to lose." She was very happy upon hearing this, saying she would also wish all her friends peace.

After that, from time to time, Weiyu gave me some names along with the organizations they wished to quit (such as the CCP, the CCP's Youth League, etc.). She asked me to help these people quit the party online. Every time after I did as she said, she thanked me.

A single girl like Weiyu who works away from her hometown can meet with lots of difficulty. I told her that when encountering danger or difficulty, things would be fine if she recited "Falun Dafa is good." She listened and did not say anything.

Time flies. One day after lunch, she was having a cup of water while chatting with me. Suddenly, she asked, "Could you tell me how to practice Falun Gong? I want to practice it."

The next day, Weiyu started to read Zhuan Falun. After reading several lectures, she told me, "Do you know why I want to learn Falun Gong? I want to fulfill my promise."

She then continued, "After my boyfriend graduated, he had a hard time finding a good job. Then a large company was advertising some jobs on television. The number of openings was very limited and the requirements were high. Still, my boyfriend wanted to give it a try. Then, I remembered you told me that reciting 'Falun Dafa is good' could turn things in a positive direction. So, during the interview, I repeated many times, 'If this interview succeeds, I will practice Falun Gong.' After the interview, the company asked my boyfriend to leave a backup phone number, and he left my number without telling me."

"Several days later, I received a phone call from the company, asking me to tell my boyfriend that he had an offer. I was so excited, but could not understand why they had called my line. Could it be that my boyfriend turned off his phone? However, the phone call went through when I called him. I then realized that god was reminding me about my promise."

After she read through Zhuan Falun, one day, for some reason, her boyfriend, who always treated her like a princess, suddenly became very angry at her. She talked back and said a few words, which made him even more furious. Eventually, they had a big fight, and even threw furniture around. The next morning, she was still very emotional and kept telling others that she had found the wrong person. During our break time, I told her, "You have read the Falun Dafa book and you want to practice. Then, you may try to consider things using the principles of 'Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance.'" She thought about it and sent a short message to her boyfriend to apologize. Things were resolved in this way.

Soon after that, during a gathering with former classmates, she saw how the other girls' boyfriends were very nice to them. However, her boyfriend seemed not to care about her and even had a bad temper, amking her very upset. Then, she remembered she was a Falun Dafa practitioner and could not handle things as she used to. Her anger immediately went away. Afterwards, she told me that Falun Dafa was so miraculous, since it took less than one second for the anger to disappear.

After the New Year, I brought a copy of the NTDTV Chinese New Year Global Gala video to the school principal and invited her to watch. At that time, Weiyu was also there. The principal had been intimidated by the CCP's rule, and her family was mistreated for their involvement in the June 4th democratic movement in 1989. Although she knew that everything the CCP said to persecute Falun Gong was lies, she still could not make a fair statement toward Falun Gong. After watching the video, she sighed and said, "About Falun Gong... what can I say?!" Weiyu told her, "You see, so many overseas people also practice; Falun Gong is indeed very good. At least for me, whenever encountering something difficult, I will recite 'Falun Dafa is good.' You can also give it a try. It would be good for your health, and you would not have to spend so much money on doctors and medicine."

At that moment, I felt so hopeful. I understood that everyone is here to learn the truth and everyone should be given a chance.

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