Holland: Telling the Mayor about the Persecution of Falun Dafa

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On the eve of Dutch Queen's Day, I participated in the queen's reception hosted by the Mayor, which is regarded as the grandest meeting every year in my city. I had gone to the municipal hall, being the only Chinese national at this reception. The hall was filled with a lot of ladies and gentlemen who wore royal medals granted by the queen. I knew this was the day they were proud of. The reception began to the sound of the city choir. Although I could not understand the lyrics, I felt that it was a message of life, of equality, respect, and freedom.

During the break of the reception, a lot of people waited to talk to the Mayor and his wife at his side. I stayed quietly several meters in front of the Mayor. The Mayor noticed me and gave me a sign, wanting me to wait a moment. A moment later, the Mayor turned around and I approached him at once. I said, "I am a resident of this city. I am proud to tell you that I was the only Dutch citizen who was invited by New Tang Dynasty TV station to participate in global Chinese New Year Gala twice." Then I showed him the material and DVD about the New Year Gala in 2006. The Mayor opened the materials. When he saw that this is a Chinese TV station, he gladly said, "I wanted to study Chinese." I said, "This is possible. The TV programme can be viewed in Europe." The Mayor then asked about my ability to speak Dutch. I answered him in a few words.

I knew I would not have much time, thus I said at once, "The more important thing is that I want to tell you, I am not for hobbies and money, I am for the human rights of China. Do you know about Falun Gong? I am a practitioner of Falun Gong."

The mayor said, "I know all about Falun Gong. He looked at me, probably did not expect anyone in his city to practise Falun Gong. I showed him some materials about the taking of organs from living victims, including Falun Gong practitioners. He looked for a moment and said, "Too terrible, too terrible. These people are too bad; I will read this material carefully."

I also told him some experiences of mine; he listened with attention. I finally said that just because of this, I have not seen my daughter for seven years. The Mayor's wife said with hands on her chest, "This is one of the most intolerable things. I must watch this New Year Gala. Thank you for telling us your story. Thank you for giving us this DVD." I was moved, "I should thank you for giving me such a long time." The Mayor said with a smile, "Because we are proud of you. It is us that should say thank you." I had tears in my eyes. The Mayor saw the camera in my hand and invited me to take his picture.

Having left the Mayor and his wife, I talked to a lady who received the royal medal. She told me she served as a secretary of a charity organisation for more than forty years voluntarily. Because of her hard-work, the queen granted her the royal medal. This is their whole family's honour. When talking with a retired English teacher about the suffering of Falun Gong practitioners over the past seven years, their insistence in telling the truth and to wake up people's conscience with a heart of compassion and forbearance, he sighed with deep feeling, "This world should be proud of having you."

* * *

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