Falun Gong Comes to the University Town of Loughborough

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On Saturday 23rd February, practitioners practised the exercises of Falun Gong in the Town centre of Loughborough in the middle of England. The low temperatures and unexpected snowfall did not worry them and they still managed to hand out over 2,000 leaflets. Loughborough has an internationally acclaimed university which has a large number of Chinese students. Many of them were pleased to receive booklets and VCDs outlining the truth of Falun Gong. They expressed surprise at seeing people publicly practising something that their government has told them is banned throughout the world. They were also surprised on Tuesday 26th February, when the “Journey of Falun Gong” exhibition appeared at Loughborough University. This display of photographs shows the worldwide popularity of Falun Gong as well as explaining the details of the vicious persecution that is taking place in China.

This display was accompanied by a radio interview with a Loughborough University student who was recently unlawfully detained and deported from China. On Friday 1st March, practitioners were in the Students’ Union of Loughborough University practising the exercises and informing people of the persecution of Falun Gong. Many Chinese students gladly accepted VCDs. One told of his embarrassment at the actions of Chinese President Jiang Zemin. Over 1,000 leaflets were distributed to the staff and students of Loughborough University. The student magazine, which has already featured two pieces about Falun Gong, showed interest in producing a third article and many people signed their names up to attend free classes at the University.

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