Danish Newspaper Reports on Organ Harvesting in China

Danish broadsheet newspaper Morgenavisen Jyllands Posten published an article on the 16th of May entitled “Organ Harvesting in China”. It was written by Christoffer Brekne, the spokesman of a Danish NGO called “China Human Rights Network”. The article says that the organ removals happening in the Chinese Communist Party’s concentration camps is the most evil thing in the world today.

Torture and brutality

Christoffer writes: In China, unimaginable things are happening alongside organ transplant operations. People are reminded of the Nazi concentration camps.

About two months ago, a former Chinese journalist stood up and exposed the existence of a whole system of concentration camps in China.

He revealed that organ transplant operations have been made very easy in China. The main source of organs come from Falun Gong practitioners in these concentration camps. Their organs are removed and then they are cremated.

Afterwards a lady spoke out as well. Her husband used to operate in a concentration camp where he removed Falun Gong practitioners’ corneas.

Recently, a Shenyang military doctor said the real extent of the whole thing cannot be imagined. There are at least thirty six of such concentration camps in China and he himself witnessed these things in person. Documents proved that at least sixty thousand organs from criminals sentenced to death were used. In the process of investigation, several Chinese doctors have leaked news of these incidents.


The UK Transplant Association paid attention to the source of the large supply of organs in China and condemned this brutal practice.

In China, there are almost no voluntary donors, yet many organ transplantation centres claim that they can find the necessary organs within one week. However, in Western countries, where people donate organs voluntarily, it takes many years to find the right match.

A representative from the UK Transplant Association thinks that their operations can only proceed under these circumstances: during the prisoner’s imprisonment their bodies have been checked and until their organs are “needed”, they would have their organs removed and they would be executed.

Chen Shuibian of Taiwan pointed out that an independent investigation team should be sent to investigate the CCP’s concentration camps. The United Nations special rapporteur Manfred Nowak is also investigating into it now.

A huge part of the Chinese population is in mortal danger. This is also to say that great tragedies are happening in China. This is an evil that’s never been seen since the Nazis.

Danish Member of the European Parliament Gitte Seeberg questioned the European Union Committee: “What stance does the EU take in the organ-harvesting happening in China?” Danish People’s Party’s spokesperson S’ren Espersen brought this incident to the Foreign Minister’s attention during a conference in Denmark. The Foreign Minister replied that this has become very serious. We will wait for the UN special rapporteur Manfred Nowak’s conclusion.

But why has our Western media not reported a word on this? Many Chinese people have already been thinking and were terrified to think that Western society values their wallets more than the price of their lives.

Heavy responsibilities

The organ harvesting happening in Chinese concentration camps is the most evil thing in the world today. If we still indifferently regard this large-scale slaughter, or keep silent about it, or when we implement the West’s policies of trading with China, for example the policy of “detaching trade from politics”, then our conscience would have to shoulder a big weight. In the future we cannot face such disgrace.

Denmark, the Western society and the Western media have heavy responsibilities in this incident, because this is linked to the lives of hundreds of thousands of Chinese people.

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