Russia: Introducing Falun Gong to the People of the Far East

In Grodekovo on the border with China

A port city in the far eastern area of Russia, Grodekovo is across the river from the Chinese border city of Sufenhe. Although the city’s population is small, its location is very important. A through train service carries three hundred to one thousand Chinese people into Russia here everyday. There are also commuters who travel to the Russian side to work.

In order for the Chinese people to learn the truth about the evil Chinese Communist Party persecution of Falun Gong, Russian practitioners come here from different cities as far away as Murmansk in the north at their own expense. Practitioners introduced Falun Gong and exposed the persecution along the way, taking advantage of even forty minutes’ of short stops to demonstrate the exercises and distribute leaflets.

On June 18th, practitioners arrived at Grodekovo. Without taking rest, they came to the train station, where Chinese people pass through most frequently. Practitioners distributed the Epoch Times newspaper's editorial, "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party". They also put up an eye-catching sign, “Renounce the CCP”, on a big pole in front of the station. Everyone came out of the station could see the sign and were stunned. People read the extraordinary five big Chinese characters carefully. It was apparent that their hearts were touched. Some took the Nine Commentaries and the Epoch Times, while others dared not.

The next day things changed somewhat. The security bureau called the practitioners in to say that the Chinese side protested. Practitioners explained the truth to the security officers, pointing out that it was the CCP spies that interfered with Russian’s internal affairs. It was not acceptable to infringe upon the rights of Russian citizens.

The third day saw the situation getting tense. Some Chinese told practitioners that the Chinese customs was keeping a close watch. Every bag was searched. Practitioners received threats. The guide of a Chinese tourist group tried to remove the sign, “Renounce the CCP”, but was stopped by practitioners. Facing such a complex situation, practitioners did not lose their cool. They carried on distributing truth material calmly to save those precious Chinese people.

A week after the practitioners arrived, a few people in charge of the station came out to ask practitioners to take the sign away. Apparently the Chinese side applied pressure There would be trouble if the sign was not gone, which meant the Russian attendants would not be allowed off of the train once inside China. Practitioners went along with station managers to the police station. After reading the sign and leaflets, the police said, “What’s the problem with that? Wasn’t this copied from newspapers and magazines? After all, Russia is a democratic country.” Later the managers said the station is private property, so the practitioners had to move the sign and other exhibits to the square. But practitioners will not be daunted by interference. They will make the best effort to do well.

In the Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk

A port in the far eastern area of Russia, Khabarovsk is across the Songhua River from the Chinese city of Tongjiang. There are many Chinese businessmen, farmers, and lumbermen here.

Chinese people here are concentrated in Chinese markets to do business. Practitioners came to the largest Chinese market to distribute leaflets. As soon as they arrived, people all gathered around for material, forming a queue at times. The leaflets practitioners brought over were gone in no time. It is apparent that the sensible side of people is waiting for the truth, hoping to be saved.

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