Parents' Illnesses Cured as Rebellious Son Mends His Ways

I lost my job and am not on welfare. Right now I run a small business with my wife. I had two sons. One suffered from a brain tumour and needed an operation that cost us over twenty thousand yuan. After we had spent all our money and fallen into debt, he died. My wife and I put up a booth to sell goods to make a living. My second son was left on his own at home when he was a teenager. No one taught him how to live properly. He developed bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, cursing and fighting others, skipping class, and arguing with his teachers. We were called in to the school a few times by his teachers. When we returned home, we would try all kinds of methods to help him, but nothing worked. Later, several schools refused to accept him, so he quit school and just stayed home.

After he quit school, he became even worse. He would always curse at us. Sometimes he even punched and kicked us. We thought there was no reason for us to live in this world.

Just when our family was in this extremely bad situation, a relative told us the truth about Falun Gong. Afterwards, we decided to study Falun Gong. A few months after we began to practise, big changes occurred in our home.

The migraine headaches that had bothered me for more than 20 years were gone completely after starting the practice. Now I feel energised from head to toe with a clear mind. My wife is more energised and looks younger. The most important thing for us was the great change that took place in our son after he read the first four lectures in Zhuan Falun. He suddenly became polite, which made us very happy. He now knows how to take care of us and does not curse us any longer. When my son goes out to work, he frequently calls us, saying, "Please do not worry about me. Wherever I go, I will remember that Falun Dafa is good. I know how to be a good person. I will not cause you trouble any longer."

When we hear this, we are so excited that we cannot hold back our tears, "It is Master who has saved our family, who has saved our lives. Thank you, great Master! Thank you, merciful Master!"

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