Investigation Leads: Possible Concentration Camp Discovered in Jilin City Paper Factory

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ordered the harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners was exposed, Falun Gong practitioners have discovered several suspicious places in Jilin City and suburbs, such as Zhuqueshan, Longtanshan, and Wenmiao that had not previously attracted people's attention. We discovered recently that the former Jilin Paper Factory raises suspicions.

We would like to analyse what we have noticed about the former Jilin Paper Factory.

1. In April of 2004, one practitioner saw two buses filled with people in front of the paper factory. This practitioner heard somebody in the bus yell, "Falun Dafa is good." Several police cars escorted the buses. At the front entrance, one escorting police officer told Chen Ming, the factory owner, "Now, you are in charge of these people."

(Chen Ming is the head of the current Chen Ming Paper Group, Chen Ming Paper is the original paper factory.)

2. This factory is large, covering an area of several dozen hectares. It is a state-owned enterprise, and was a well-known paper mill both inside and outside of China. There is a special railroad link directly leading to the factory, which is the branch of a main railroad that leads to Beijing, making for convenient transportation. This factory had already gone out of business. Then an individual who has connections to CCP leaders bought it.

The factory has been isolated from society. Outside people cannot easily enter it. The north side of the factory is alongside a river. There is no residential area on that side. The south side faces the railroad. The west side was a vegetable growing area and now is a driving school. The east side is an area for office buildings and streets. The northeast side abuts a residential area of the factory.

The factory is located outside the city limits, and is surrounded by walls. It is quite secluded. There are many empty workshops in the factory, and it is tightly guarded, like a prison.

According to what has been said by a senior military doctor on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, agents from the CCP locked practitioners into large railroad containers and transferred them by railroad. We suspect that this factory is a concentration camp for Falun Gong practitioners.

3. The main entrance of the factory courtyard is next to Zhongxin Street. On the east side, behind the main entrance, there is a 6-story building, which is Chen Ming Paper hotel (former research institute of the factory). There are doctors and nurses in that building. Many handcarts for patients are in the hallways. There are white bed sheets covering the handcarts. The building smells of disinfectant. Recently, people saw many ambulances entering the factory grounds.

4. Some construction is going on in the factory. At night, the construction noise seems to come from underground. Such operations take a lot of electricity. At the river side of the factory, people saw big mounds of dirt, which soldiers later flattened and planted with grass.

5. Factory owner Chen Ming boasted that he is a good friend of Wang Zhongyu’s son. Wang Zhongyu is a high-ranking official in the CCP Central Committee. Chen Ming’s real bosses are Jiang Zemin and Wang Zhongyu. Wang Zhongyu and Jiang Zemin are relatives (their children are married). Wang Zhongyu used to be the factory head.

6. The big chimneys in the factory raise suspicion. The factory hardly produces anything now. The chimneys were previously not used, even during the time the factory was in production, because the technology they used didn’t require chimneys. Even if the factory is in production, it is just used as a cover. Oftentimes, people see smoke rising from the chimneys.

7. One week after the existence of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp was exposed, practitioners saw many plainclothes policemen around the factory. Also, practitioners often saw some buses without license plates around the factory. People could not see through the bus windows from outside. They had not been seen before.

8. Practitioners recently saw vehicles with the license plates "Shenyang K" entering and leaving the surrounding area. Practitioners also saw some vehicles with white license plates from Shenyang repeatedly appearing at big hospitals in the city.

9. People aren’t allowed to casually come in and go out of the factory hotel. Any single individual is not allowed to come in and go out. A group of at least three people together can leave the hotel. It is said that a group of new doctors and new nurses replaced the old ones in the hotel.

10. It is said that many organ transplant surgeries have been done in the local hospitals recently.

11. In the Second City Hospital, practitioners saw police vehicles with white license plates "Police S" followed with numbers.

Considering the above-stated discoveries, we conclude there are likely crimes taking place in this paper factory. We are unable to ferret out the inside details at present.

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