"I Want to Live — Please Teach me Falun Gong"

I was working in a coal mine in 2002. One day a woman barged into my place and said, "Dear brother, please teach me Falun Gong because I am very sick. Please help me."

I led her in and asked, "How do you know I practise Falun Dafa?" She said, "A few days ago the police came to look for you, and the mine chief sent them away. I was afraid that they would give me trouble too. I am so sick that I can’t even cook, and I am so dizzy that I have a hard time standing. I have tried many medicines but to no avail. I feel that my time has come. My bones will be buried here in Wei County and I don’t care anymore. I do still want to live as I have two kids. I have finally found you. I didn’t know such good things existed, since I was so unobservant before."

After further questioning I learnt that she was from the south. Her husband worked in the coal mine also. She cooked for her husband and had two kids at home that attended school. She was very capable of enduring hardship, and everyday she got water for the family by going down a steep hill to a well. She had been sick for a year. I told her, "Please calm down, you’ll be fine very soon."

Since then she has practised the five Falun Gong exercises everyday. In about a month she was cured of all her sicknesses. Her withered face was energised, and she could cook again and was able to carry water.

During the Chinese New Year she came with her husband to thank me. I said, "Don’t thank me, but you should thank Master. It was Master who gave you a second chance, and he gave me a second life, too."

She opened up Zhuan Falun, and said while looking at Master’s photo, "It was he, our Master, who saved us. I thank you, Master." She wept and tears fell on the book. Her husband and I were both moved to tears.

The next year the couple called me from Beijing and said, "We are working in Beijing, and we’ll diligently practise and treasure Falun Dafa."

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