Singapore: Practitioners Collect Signatures Calling on Police to Drop Charges

Facing charges of "assembly without permit" and "harassment," eleven Falun Gong practitioners in Singapore will appear in court soon. Since the first court hearing, local practitioners have collected signatures around the whole island calling for the charges to be dropped.

Falun Gong practitioners in Singapore hold signature collection throughout the island. They and local people call on the police to drop the charges

Since July 21st, 2006, practitioners have conducted signature collection activities on streets throughout the island. At noon of July 27th, the author came to a business area and interviewed practitioners collecting the signatures on the spot. They set up poster boards outside the subway station and distributed fliers, which caught the attention of many passersby.

Ms. Huang, who participated in the signature collection, said, "The majority of people show understanding and sympathy towards Falun Gong practitioners. But not everyone wishes to sign because they are afraid of the government."

She said, "Many citizens understand us. Some admire us with thumbs up. Some told us, ‘The Singapore government pays attention to money, not principles.’ Though some did not sign, they gave us support spiritually."

Ms. Wang said that she supported dropping the charges after she learned the facts. Wang Baoling said that as long as practitioners did not force people, their truth-clarification with posters and banners cannot be considered harassment to public.

Practitioner Cai Yongshui, a defendant in the case, said that whatever happens over the following days, he would maintain he was innocent. Practitioners’ truth-clarification and protesting the persecution is not wrong.

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