Finnish Newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet: "A new kind of evil on this Earth”

On July 18th, Helsinki newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet published an article called “A new kind of evil on this Earth”. The report reads:

In the last few years the Chinese Communist Party has been continuously trading the organs of detained practitioners of the Falun Gong meditation movement and profiting themselves in the meantime. This has been pointed out by two Canadians in their report.

Canadian human rights lawyer David Matas and Canadian Foreign Ministry’s former Asia-Pacific Commissioner David Kilgour are the authors of this report published on 6th of July.

Matas and Kilgour wrote in this report: “According to what we have found out so far, we come to the tragic conclusions that the allegations are true. We believe there is organ harvesting on a large scale and that huge numbers of Falun Gong practitioners have had their organs removed without their consent.”

During a press conference on July 6th in Ottawa, while announcing the publication of his report, David Matas said: “This is a new kind of evil that has never been seen on this Earth.”

Matas and Kilgour made it clear that they did not work for anyone. They phoned Chinese hospitals, detention centres and courts asking about Falun Gong practitioners’ organs. Many organisations admitted that they could provide these in a very short period of time. Some places said that the waiting time here would be longer, but suggested going to other places, cities and organisations where the organs could be obtained quicker.

The “other places” means that they are “top national secrets”.

Inside the report of investigation Matas and Kilgour made reference to official figures, however at the same time they also felt that many conclusions can only reached by analysing the previous findings. They also mentioned that between 2000 and 2005 there have been 41500 transplant operations where the sources of the organs are unexplained.

During the investigation it was very hard to obtain true evidences. The authors also brought up the consequences of people from the United Nations and Amnesty International who gave witness accounts or validated facts about China’s human rights.

Nevertheless they feel that the interviews made by Kilgour and others who have really helped with this case are highly reliable. One of the most concerned witnesses is the wife of a doctor who used to operate and remove corneas from Falun Gong practitioners. His wife actually isn’t a Falun Gong practitioner.

Kilgour asked in the interview: “After he removed corneas from them what would happen to the victims?”

The doctor’s wife replied: “They would be sent to other operating tables to have their hearts, livers and kidneys removed. In one operation my husband cooperated with another doctor. At that time he got to know that these were Falun Gong practitioners, furthermore they were still alive when their organs were harvested. Not only were corneas removed, there were lots of other organs also.”

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