Investigation Leads: Illegal Organ Harvesting in Beijing Hospitals

General Information about Illegal Human Organ Harvesting in Beijing Hospital

Kidney and liver transplants are very common surgeries in Beijing’s hospitals. There are also quite a few hospitals in Beijing that perform lung and heart transplants. Many hospitals in Beijing are making organ transplant surgery their R&D project and have created a new department for it. Some hospitals have made organ transplant the main feature of the hospital or use it to bring in additional revenue. Some individual hospitals in Beijing are making organ transplant its top moneymaker, one of the biggest organ transplant operations in China. Some hospitals that perform organ transplants know that it is an unethical operation [because of the source of the human organs], so they hide organ transplant operations within relevant departments, such as the General Surgery Department, Thoracic Surgery Department, Urology Department, Hepatology Department, Cardiovascular Surgery Department, etc. Some individual hospitals do not even list their capabilities in transplantation surgery, making its organ transplant operations completely underground. These are very disturbing findings.

According to our investigation, kidney transplant physicians mostly work for the Urology or General Surgery departments. Physicians at the Urology Department’s Internal Medicine Department are responsible for post-surgery care. Liver transplant physicians mostly work for the Hepatology Department or the General Surgery Department. Heart transplant physicians mostly work for the Cardiovascular Surgery Department. Lung transplant physicians mostly work for the Thoracic Surgery Department.

Additional Investigation Leads:

A friend of mine was diagnosed with nephritis many years ago. During the Chinese New Year of 2001, the condition worsened, developing into uraemia. In late-May of 2001, he had a kidney transplant at Peking Union Medical College Hospital. It only took two months from the time the hospital started looking for a matching kidney to the time the transplant was performed. After it was exposed that Sujiatun Concentration Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners and extracted their internal organs for sale, I discovered the following leads about the crime from my friend’s organ transplant:

1. Very short time for a type match: My friend asked the physician about the source of the kidney and he was told it was shipped from Shenyang via air.

2. It was not until the day of the surgery that my friend knew there were a total of seven patients getting kidney transplants. All the kidneys used for the transplants came from Shenyang via air. He was shocked as to why there were so many death row prisoners executed at the same time, with seven type matches. Besides, the expenses for a kidney transplant, including the cost for a kidney, were no more than 30,000 yuan at the time. The transplant started before 8:00 p.m. There were designated carriers from the hospital picking up the kidneys. The kidney transplants started as soon as the kidney arrived at the hospital.

3. About two weeks before my friend had the kidney transplant, another group of patients had undergone kidney transplants. After he had the kidney transplant, another group of patients lined up for kidney transplants. There are an alarming number of people getting kidney transplants.

Many hospitals do not list their organ transplant operations or their medical staff for such operations, but they perform a lot of organ transplants underground, according to medical staff or security guards. Kidney transplants are especially common. We have learnt that most of the organs came from northeastern China.

The Liberation Army’s No.1 Affiliated Hospital (Former "304" Hospital) -

Address: 51 Fucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing, Zip code 100037

Telephone: 010-66867304

General Surgery Department: Mr. Lu Jiaqi, Mr. Jiao Huabo, Mr. Li Jiye, Mr. Yuan Shichu, Mr. Wang Shibin, Mr. Li Zhanliang, Mr. Li Tao and Mr. Ma Songzhang

Urology Department: Mr. Yang Yu, Mr. Yi Changfu, Mr. Qin Wanchang, Mr. Li Jiyu

Peking Union Medical College Hospital -

Address: No.1 Shuaifuyuan, Wangfujing, Dongcheng District, Beijing, Zip code 100730

Telephone: 010-65296114

Urology: Mr. Zhang Ruiqiang, Ms. Wang Huijun, Ms. Shi Bingbing, Mr. Song Zonglu, Mr. Ji Zhigang, Mr. Li Hanzhong, Mr. Rong Shi, Mr. Mao Quanzong and Ms. Zang Meifu

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