Sweden: Exposing the CCP’s Organ Harvesting Crimes during the European Athletics Championship - Part 3

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During the last days of the European Athletics Championship in Gothenburg it rained occasionally. But there were many people who took fliers from practitioners. Many people stopped by in their daily rush and when practitioners started to talked to them they often stayed for a long time. Most of them had never heard about the organ harvesting that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been waging against Falun Gong and many associated it wit Nazism. A woman spontaneously said that she wanted to do something to help. After seeing the exhibition she realised that China is not a good country to live in, so she wanted to adopt children from China.

Many people who fled to Sweden from totalitarian states thought that the organ harvesting is particularly horrible. They understood because they know how it is to live under suppression. There were even those who understood neither English nor Swedish who wondered what was happening. One man stayed for a long time but he only spoke Arabic. He came back with his child. The child spoke Swedish and a practitioner explained to the child and the child to the man. Also some Peruvians who could not speak English were wondering what was happening. A practitioner explained in poor Spanish for one of them who could speak a little English. He told his friends. Before they went they gave the practitioner a hug. One man was sitting and watching with wide-open eyes for a long time. A practitioner felt sad because she hasn't been able to communicate with him. When he left she wished she had a flier in his language so that he could know the truth. He came back later however with his wife and child who could speak a little Spanish. He came back to learn the truth.

A Chinese practitioner met an elderly Chinese man. He was over ninety years old and one of the first Chinese who came to Sweden. The practitioner asked if he had read the Nine Commentaries. He said he has and he thinks that it is very good. The practitioner asked if he had been to China during all these years. He had not and he didn’t want to go back because he didn’t like the Chinese communist system.

Some female athletes from Lithuania passed by one day and stopped to look at the re-enactment of torture methods used against Falun Gong in China. One of them watched the practitioner who was bound with ropes with faked wounds in her face. Behind her was a practitioner who was acting as a policeman and pretending to beat her. The female athlete was so sad seeing this that she wanted to beat the policeman several times with her water bottle.

A Swedish female athlete stood for a very long time listening to what was said about organ harvesting. A practitioner asked if she wanted to take some information which she did. The practitioner asked her if there is a hope for a Swedish victory in the championships in the evening. She said very firmly: “Who can care about victory after watching these cruelties!” Her genuine heart of concern could not be mistaken.

Many people took the time to listen to what the practitioners had to tell them. During nine days, 2,244 persons signed our petition calling for an end to the persecution. We were out approximately 4 hours per day, so that would equal more than one signature per minute. There are many, many good people in the world who still are waiting to hear what we have to say.

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