Taiwan: The CCP Live Organ Harvesting Shocks People at Lungshan Temple in Taipei

A group of Falun Gong practitioners came to the Lungshan Temple, a tourist site in Taipei, on the afternoon of September 3rd, 2006, to expose the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) atrocities of harvesting and selling organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for profit. Many people looked at display boards while listening to practitioners’ explanations, and many of them were shocked and indignant about such horrific acts.

After looking at the display boards and listening to practitioners’ explanations, people cry out that the CCP is too cruel, and are appalled at the atrocity

"Too brutal!"

I want to sign my name to condemn the CCP atrocities

I’ll tell my friends this news

Many people stopped in front of the display boards that Falun Gong practitioners prepared on the afternoon at the square in front of the Lungshan Temple.

An older man who carefully read the explanation on the display boards said that he only knew that the CCP had a poor human rights record before, but he never expected that it could be so brutal and inhumane as to harvest organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for profit. He said that heaven will soon eliminate this regime that has no human nature.

Many Taiwanese people have been to China for organ transplants. One man said to Falun Gong practitioners that he has some friends who went to China for kidney transplants. Before receiving the transplants, they received dialysis treatment in Taiwan and lived quite well. But they died shortly after they went to get a kidney transplant. He did not know the reason until now, as he believes it was due to the issue of the organs' source.

An older doctor from Shanghai also verified that live organ harvesting indeed exists in the hospitals in China.

Several people indignantly said, "Killing people as if they were chickens and ducks, and even taking out their organs to sell, (the CCP) is too inhumane!"

A man was once detained for three years in the mainland because his father was in Taiwan. He said that the CCP could do anything evil.

An elderly man with a crutch said emotionally, "The CCP can even do such inhuman and heartless things. Anyone who wants to go there to invest should think carefully!"

A woman who listened to the practitioners’ explanations, came again with her friends and said, "This matter should be massively exposed in the media to let more people learn about it." Another woman said, "We will tell all our friends and relatives not to go there for organ transplants. It is truly killing people and committing sins."

Many people expressed their support for the practitioners and signed their names to sternly condemn the CCP’s heinous atrocities.

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