Canada: First Experience Sharing Conference of Divine Land Marching Band of Toronto

On October 29th, 2006, the Divine Land Marching Band of Toronto held its First Experience Sharing Conference in the Art and Administration Building of the University of Toronto at Scarborough. Nineteen Falun Gong practitioners gave speeches to share their experiences.

Instrument ensemble by young Falun Gong practitioners

The conference room was warmly decorated. A portrait of Master Li was hung in the middle of the front wall. Beside the portray were a couplet stating "Peals of sound shake the Fa world." "The voice of Fa spreads in ten directions." ("Bell Tower" of Hong Yin Volume II) The big golden words brightened up the conference room. The Divine Land Marching Band of Toronto, established six months ago, is one of the largest bands in Canada. It has performed in at least fifteen parades and concerts in six cities. Members of the band shared their moving experiences of cultivation.

The conference was held in a solemn and peaceful atmosphere. Falun Gong practitioners' simple words were very touching. Many of them recounted the hard work endured while practising the music. Some practised more than two hours a day at the beginning. Some practised the drum so often that their arms were sore and backs swollen. Others struggled to decided if they should continue. Others still talked about how they had overcome obstacles at home and at work. Some shared their opinions and suggestions on the cultivation of the whole band. Many of them mentioned their feeling at the performance, feedback from spectators and their experience of promoting withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party. Practitioners were deeply touched by each other's progress of letting go of attachments when facing conflicts.

At the beginning of the afternoon session, an ensemble of young Falun Gong practitioners played three pieces of music . Their performance of "Falun Dafa Is Good," "Drum and Trumpet of Fa Shakes Ten Directions" and "Jubilation of the World" was tremendous and heart-shaking. Everyone was touched by the beautiful music. Young practitioners also recited Master Li's poems "Tempering One's Heart and Will," "Being a Human" and "Falun Dafa."

The conference successfully concluded at 5 p.m. Practitioners realised the important role of the Divine Land Marching Band.

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