The Cultivation Story of a Farmer from the Mountains

From the Third Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China
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Greetings to respected Master!

Greetings to fellow practitioners!

One day whilst at a fellow practitioners home I heard a cultivation story when sharing experiences. There is a Falun Dafa practitioner who lives in the mountains that started cultivation in 1995. He is alone, does not have any connection with other practitioners, but he does have a copy of Zhuan Falun, or the book Falun Gong (formerly called China Falun Gong). He has never seen Master's recent articles, but has diligently clarified the truth based on his solid faith in Master and the practice. His movements were corrected in 2005, after he finally contacted a fellow practitioner. I was very moved by his story and so I would like to take this opportunity to share it with you all.

This practitioner, a farmer, started practising in 1995. He "accidentally" obtained copies of both Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong from a teacher. Although he truly wanted to connect with other practitioners, due to his lack of communication channels, he never managed to, and so he never saw any of Master's recent articles. He does not have the exercise instruction video, so he was doing the exercises according to the illustrations in China Falun Gong. (Hence, his movements were not 100% accurate.) He never shared with other practitioners, and his only guidance was reading Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong. Based on his firm faith in Master and Dafa, he kept studying the Falun Gong teachings (the Fa) and doing the exercises every day, besides doing his heavy labour in the field.

Around July 20th, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party started to attack Falun Dafa in the media. That was the first time he had ever seen a report about Falun Dafa. He was shocked. He had no other practitioners to share with, so he just closed the door and read Zhuan Falun from cover to cover. He told himself, "What the TV said is wrong, because Falun Dafa is the most righteous and the best. I need to tell people the truth." Therefore, he took the initiative to clarify the truth to people. He wanted to tell people from the bottom of his heart that Falun Dafa is righteous and that the TV was spreading lies. Many people did not understand him in that evil environment and so they even teased him.

He did not mind and kept clarifying the truth with a pure heart. He clarified the truth to his younger brother, who reported him to the police. The police immediately came to ransack his home. He had no fear and had very righteous thoughts. He closed the door and did not let the police in. They left, but the Gestapo like 610 Office agents came a few days later. He was sitting by his own gate resting. He knew they were the police, so he looked at them with righteous thoughts. Those officers made a circle in front of his gate and dared not even ask him one word.

Due to the lack of materials, he did not know how else to validate Falun Dafa or how to follow the Fa-rectification process, except for clarifying the truth. One day in 2005, he was clarifying the truth to a person who threatened him, "You still dare to say these things. Do you know someone's younger brother was sentenced to three years behind bars for practising Falun Gong?" He replied quickly, "Who is this one practitioner who practises Falun Gong? What is his name and where does he live?" That was the first time he had heard about a fellow practitioner. He tried so hard to find this practitioner who had just been released. He walked more than 30 miles to connect with other practitioners. When he received Master's recent articles and other materials for exposing the persecution from fellow practitioners, tears ran down his cheeks like spring water. He said, "I am a big man that never cries, but having met you today I can't help but cry."

He left practitioners with a deep impression of his purity and kindness. He had done a lot of farm labour, and his skin looked very dark from the sun. But when he sat down, practitioners found he had very young skin. He always sat very straight. When fellow practitioners asked him if he was tired from sitting so straight, he answered, "We Falun Dafa disciples cultivate the righteous Fa, and we should sit straight." A fellow practitioner said from the bottom of his heart after listening to his cultivation story, "You are so marvellous, I should learn from you!" He replied in a seriousness, "You should not say that. We are guided by Master's Zhuan Falun, and we should do things according to Dafa, with Dafa always a priority." The other practitioners later noticed that his exercise movements were not 100% accurate, so they showed him the correct movements.

What a wonderful Falun Dafa disciple! He is an innocent farmer who carries the purest heart. There had never been a practitioner to share experiences with, and he had never read Master's new articles in his first ten years of cultivation, but his determination is rock solid. He walked until today with his righteous thoughts and established a remarkable being in this great Fa. When he learnt about the movement to quit the Chinese Communist Party, he changed his efforts to focus on the three withdrawals. He is steadily doing what he should do by periodically submitting a list of names of people that want to quit so that practitioners can post them on the web.

I was very touched by his story. It could not have been easy to keep such a solid faith in Dafa in his circumstances. His experience validated the greatness of Falun Dafa and the protection of our benevolent Master. In fact, Master's Fa is all encompassing in Zhuan Falun, and it is up to our enlightenment quality to cultivate to high levels. This pure but profound cultivation story caused me to think deeply. I found some of my shortcomings compared to his pure compassionate heart. His cultivation story is the best validation of Falun Dafa. Master taught us in Hong Yin, Solid Cultivation,

"Study Fa, obtain Fa,
Compare in studying, compare in cultivating,
Examine each and every deed,
Accomplishing is cultivating."

At this final stage, we should be more diligent, strengthen our faith in Master and Falun Dafa through sharing so as to be more diligent in fulfilling the three things.


* * *

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