Nothing Stops Me from Clarifying the Truth

From the Third Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China
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Greetings to Teacher! Greetings to fellow practitioners.

Clarifying the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution so as to clear away the deceitful propaganda instilled in so many people by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a must during this period of our practise. I pay attention to my truth clarification ability, constantly improving and learning from my failures.

1. Frustration from Being Unable to Clarify the Truth

Many people were illegally arrested for clarifying the truth in China, and many practitioners still continued to act righteously, resulting in a change of environment this year. I went to Beijing in February of 2000 to clarify the truth. I was caught and sent back to Dalian City, where I was locked up in a brainwashing centre. Upon my release, I again went to Beijing, seeking justice for Falun Dafa and Teacher. I went to tell people the facts about Falun Dafa and stop the persecution.

I went to Beijing a second time in late February of 2001. There I shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! Restore my Teacher's innocence!" on Tiananmen Square. A group of Tiananmen Square police officers knocked me down and cuffed me. Numerous batons hit me. I recited Teacher's article, "Rectifying the Colossal Firmament," from Essentials for Further Advancement II . I fainted many times during the beating and so they repeatably drenched me with cold water to awaken me. I never told them where I came from. That night, the Tiananmen Police Station released me. After I got home, I found my buttocks and thighs covered with bruises. My muscles were as stiff as hard rubber, and it took me over a month to recover.

I went to the People's Square to clarify the truth about how Falun Dafa was wronged. Someone reported me, and the police confiscated my belongings and locked me up in a forced labour camp. I resisted the brainwashing attempts and tried to stay calm during this period of unlawful imprisonment. I knew that I didn't do anything wrong by practising Dafa and telling people the facts about the persecution. I spread the truth wherever I went and tried to make the environment better. I did the exercises the first night I was transferred from the Dalian Forced Labour Camp to the Guanshanzi Forced Labour Camp. I wanted to continue the exercises the next night, but the guards tried to stop me. I was finally allowed to do the exercises, after five days of hunger strike and force feedings.

I was sent home in May of 2002. I started to fear going back to the camp again, and I held back on clarifying the truth. After studying the Falun Gong teachings - the Fa, exercising and reading articles on the Minghui website (Chinese version of, I regained my courage. I started with my relatives, but they wouldn't accept what I told them, so I became frustrated. I realised that what I said carried no weight with my relatives, because I didn't have a job. I got a job as a construction worker and insurance salesman. I tried to clarify the truth everywhere I went. Initially, I didn't care how much my audience knew, I tried to stuff everything I knew into them. What I said turned out to be over their heads and it shocked them, so they stopped talking to me.

Every time I told someone about the facts, I looked inward in order to learn from each experience, about how to better clarify the truth. I gradually learnt how to keep people's attention by talking about what they cared about most. I adjusted how I clarified the truth by my audience's education, background and comprehension level. I could clarify the truth starting with a discussion on any topic and be very subtle. The more subtle I was, the more efficient I was in clarifying the truth. I combined truth clarification with my job, and my commissions at work went straight up. Later, I realised that the insurance company I worked for was a state-run company. Its credit was based on the CCP's credit of which the CCP had none. Customers bought insurance because they trusted me and I was selling them insurance that matured twenty years from now. The CCP wouldn't last that long. So wouldn't I be lying and amassing money for the CCP? I left the company and worked in a community medical centre.

I didn't have a license and made very little money. I went to a person working for my former employer to apply for a license to practise medicine many times over two years time. This person kept telling me that I needed to find a job before I could apply. I panicked, but that wasn't going to stop me from clarifying the truth. I wrote down what happened regarding this application and sent it to the department in charge of this process. I received calls from a person in that department, the office of the medical centre and the administration office in less than an hour. They all guaranteed me a license and it arrived a month later. The evil is the most afraid of being exposed. It took me two years to clarify the truth and it was done in a month. The truth is the most powerful weapon to eliminate evil.

I could practise medicine legally and I continued to clarify the truth at work. I was repeatably reported and so I lost my job several times. I found that my truth clarification needed improvement and that I was rushing it. I knew that reading articles from the Minghui website could effectively improve my truth clarification ability. I bought a used laptop computer and learnt how to get on-line to read the articles on Minghui with the help of other practitioners. I regretted not learning how to get on-line earlier. It 's a great loss to a practitioner to not be able to read articles on Minghui every day.

A year later, the financial situation at home got better. My mother, a strong supporter of mine, gave me over 14,000 yuan to buy a new computer, a printer and build an individual work station to make materials exposing the truth. I read articles on-line every day. It was like sharing experiences with practitioners all over the world. I could find a solution to any of my problems on-line, and I gained a better understanding of the Fa and did better truth clarification work. I taught other practitioners how to get on-line and print materials. As more and more practitioners learnt how to do this, I had more time to study the Fa. Those practitioners also improved a lot in the process.

2. Clarifying the Truth to My Family

The CCP persecuted me because I practised Falun Gong. I lost my job and my wife divorced me under this pressure. This also placed tremendous pressure on my parents. My father couldn't accept it at all. The whole family was spending money only on necessary expenses, so I could go to college. In the end, I still lost everything. My father suffered a great deal during the Cultural Revolution, but he couldn't talk about the persecution. He blamed me for what happened and wouldn't listen to anything I said. He even interfered with my studying the Fa and doing the exercises.

This didn't stop me from clarifying the truth to my father. He was a person with a predestined relationship and needed to be saved. I started doing more household chores at home, being considerate to my parents and helping them when they needed me. Gradually, I told my father the news I read on-line concisely. My father cares about what happens in the news and so he didn't object. I combined truth clarification with the news and told him about the lies spread by the CCP. The truth was truly powerful. As the CCP lies were exposed by the SARS and bird flu catastrophes, my father appreciated hearing the news from me even more.

Of course, I told him of the Sujiatun incident and how Dr. Wang Wenyi shouted at Hu Jintao when he visited U.S. President Bush. My father often told his friends about news that no one else could obtain. My father agreed to quit the CCP, and eventually he began to study the Fa, do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts with me and other practitioners.

3. Clarifying the Truth to My Child's Teacher

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published in 2004. That same year my child started the first grade. I printed out a copy of the Nine Commentaries and asked my child to take it to her teacher. I said, "Tell her that everyone is reading this book now and it's very precious." The school asked my child to join the CCP Young Pioneers the following semester. I told the teacher my child would not join the Young Pioneers and that many people were withdrawing from it. The teacher didn't force us. I told my child the latest news about quitting the CCP and I let her know how many people were withdrawing from the CCP every day. She also learnt how to clarify the truth to her class. Everyone in her class had joined the YP by the end of the second grade, except for her. Her teacher asked her why she didn't join. She replied, "Joining the YP should be voluntary and it's illegal to force me to join." I told the teacher the facts many times and she eventually withdrew from the CCP.

The next year my child had a new teacher. I immediately went to meet her and tell her why my child wasn't joining the YP. The new teacher said that was fine with her. I told the new teacher that Falun Dafa was a popular practice all over the world and that more and more people were quitting the CCP. I later gave her a copy of the Nine Commentaries. This year my child was the deputy head of the class. She practises Falun Dafa every day with the practitioners, she gets good grades, and her teachers all like her. A few days ago, she even convinced a taxi driver to quit the CCP.

4. Clarifying the Truth at Work

I told the patients at work about the healing effects of Falun Dafa, and I continued looking inward to improve my truth clarification skills. I prepared my talk before seeing the patients and sent righteous thoughts while I was working. It often went well, especially when I did one-on-one truth clarification. I grasped every opportunity to clarify the truth, and almost every day I could convince someone to quit the CCP. I pay attention to Fa study and read the Fa when I don't have to see patients. I send righteous thoughts at the scheduled times to eliminate interference and improve the outcome of my truth clarification.

5. Clarify the Truth Based on How Well People Can Accept It

If we want better results in clarifying the truth, we must adjust our content based on how well our audience can accept it. We can guess at our audience's background and what topics interest them based on their appearance. Then we can discuss in depth the topic we both know well. For example, living expenses are high and people spend a lot for housing, medical services and education. Corruption, prostitution, gambling, drugs are examples of bad elements in society. It is often not easy to naturally bring truth clarification into the topic. We shouldn't purposely drag the topic in and make the other party feel awkward. We need to read articles on Minghui often and make note of topics we can use. We also need to read the Nine Commentaries more, because it tells us all the evil nature of the CCP. It is the best weapon to clarify the truth. Discussing the content of the Nine Commentaries in our conversations will make our truth clarification successful.

Not only do we need to speak fluently to better clarify the truth, but we also need strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements behind our audience. We should pay attention to controlling the topic and not fall into arguing or talk about cultivation topics that are too high-level. We should try to create a one-on-one environment when we clarify the truth.

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