Be Constantly Firm in Falun Dafa

Shared at an Experience Sharing Conference in Prague

Recently my mother undergone medical examination and they found a cyst. This caused her quite some stress and after two weeks she was supposed to go on another check-up, where they should told her, if it would be cut out and when. I told my mother to recite words Falun Dafa Hao(is good) constantly and she did it and she unconsciously chose the room, where I send forth righteous thoughts and study the Falun Gong teachings, to rest herself.

After two weeks she went on the check-up and the cyst was gone. Doctor said, it was absorbed, but only I knew it was because of Falun Dafa.

The next week I had a quite severe interference what negatively affected my firmness in Falun Dafa and also the righteous state of my mind and because of that, it was reflected as my mother had a small accident in bathroom and torn a ligament in her elbow.

I immediately realized, that power of our cultivation and ours’ righteous thoughts has a great influence on people and it’s the most visible on those around us and our cultivation is reflected on them.

So it’s necessary to constantly realize our state of mind to immediately remove even the slightest signs of disharmony, which would pull us out of state of righteousness. Every disciple has his own way how to do it, which is the most convenient for them. In that case it helped me to do send forth righteous thoughts more frequently and studying more of Zhuan Falun.

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