Board of Appeals of the German Parliament Requests German Government to Battle Human Rights on Behalf of Chinese Falun Gong Practitioners

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"The German Federal Parliament and Government shall fight for Falun Gong practitioners before the Chinese Authorities and shall be dedicated to establishing freedom of expression, belief and assembly in China," a November 22nd resolution of the Board of Appeals of the German Parliament stated. This resolution was delivered to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with copies sent to all parties of the Parliament. The resolution stated that there are a series of severe human rights violations and killings as part of the Chinese Communist regime's persecution of Falun Gong.

Members of the Board of Appeals believe: "The brutal measures employed by the Chinese Communist regime in the persecution against this spiritual group since 1999 is very troubling. In this regard, the German government has submitted a list of practitioners being persecuted to the Chinese authorities, requesting it to stop discrimination and persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and to release detained practitioners."

The Board of Appeals concluded: "The German Federal Government shall continue to use all possible diplomatic channels to stop human rights violations of this kind. This issue shall also become a topic in dialogues between German Parliament members and Chinese Communist leaders. Only if China makes concrete improvement in protecting human rights, can it become a trusted and recognised member of the international community."

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