High-Ranking Officials and Policemen Are Quitting the Chinese Communist Party after Learning the Truth

Today in China more than sixteen million people have rejected the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organisations. Ms. Li Dayong of the Global Service Centre for Quitting the CCP said that when the number of people quitting CCP reached ten million, many high-ranking people in the Chinese Communist Party, military, and government started to quit the CCP. Some even used their true names.

Ms. Li was interviewed by Sound of Hope Radio. She said that many people wanted to quit the CCP but did not have a way to do so. Many people wrote their intention of quitting the CCP on paper money or posted it in public places; while those who received calls from the Global Service Centre for Quitting the CCP felt very lucky and conveyed their intentions.

Not only rank and file members wanted to quit, but many officials expressed their wish to quit the CCP after listening to or reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party . Ms. Li said that sometimes they contacted superintendents and vice superintendents of forced labour camps, or some officials in political and legal committees. Because it was during work hours, some of them listened quietly without any words. She read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party for one man, and he listened quietly. After about half an hour, Ms. Li said: "If it is not convenient to express your attitude here, I will create a pseudonym for you. You just need to say 'All right', and I will help you to quit the CCP." The man quickly agreed.

Some local policemen who were once deceived by the CCP said that at the beginning they did not understand the phenomenon of people quitting the CCP, but now they can see the light and wanted to quit the CCP as a group.

Ms. Li said, "In the police bureau, a great deal of information is blocked, so they do not receive much news from overseas. Sometimes when we called them, their attitude was pretty bad. But we would tell them, 'Many high ranking officials have already quit the CCP, did you know that? Remember what happened in the Cultural Revolution? Many people blindly followed orders and thought they were right. But when the Cultural Revolution ended, groups of policemen were sent to Yunnan to be shot. At that time, the Chief of the Beijing Police shot himself, because he did not have a way out. But now you have a way, which is to quit the CCP and make up for their wrongdoings." In this way, many police chiefs, superintendents and policemen quit the CCP.

The Global Service Centre for Quitting the CCP received a call from eight officials who said that they wanted to quit the CCP as a group. They said that they just had a meeting and made the most important decision of their lives to quit the CCP together. One of them was the deputy chief of a research office. In the call, they expressed their contempt for the CCP's policies. They said, "We all saw the overseas reports and also the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party; what the CCP has done is so terrible."

Now, more and more people in China would like to reject the CCP's crimes and denounce them by quitting the CCP. Some who know the truth from inside the police system, national security system, the Gestapo like 610 Office and the prison system have called the Global Service Centre for Quitting the CCP to quit the CCP for themselves, their colleagues or their relatives who could not find a way to quit the CCP themselves and had asked them to help.

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