Mr. Kilgour Visits 30 Countries and Obtains New Evidence of Live Organ Harvesting

During recent days, Mr. David Kilgour said in an interview that he had obtained new evidence supporting the allegation of live organ removal in his trip to thirty capitals across the world. Mr. Kilgour indicated he would add the new evidence to his report and release a revised version.

The More People that Know the Facts, the More Pressure on the CCP

Mr. Kilgour said in the interview, "We’ve been travelling to about 30 capitals all over the world We’ve found a lot more proof that this is happening and it’s still happening, and it must stop and it must stop now." He added, "We’re now working to produce a revision of our report. I think we now have 9 or 10 new pieces of evidence, of proof showing that this is happening."

"I think that with the Games coming up, and I think the government knows that if it doesn’t stop it before the games happen that a lot of governments and people will arrive in Beijing with big banners on their jackets or blouses saying 'What is happening to human rights in China? What’s happening to Falun Gong?'"

Mr. Kilgour continued, "I think the government knows that if they don’t stop it very quickly that they’ll be getting a lot of pressure between now and the time the Olympic Games are held. I think the government there knows that they have to stop this practice of killing their own people in order to sell their organs, primarily to people abroad. I think they know that the world is now more and more on to the fact that it is happening and they’re going to have to stop it. At least that’s what we’re hoping."

Lawyer Gao Zhisheng - Representative of the Majority of Chinese People

Mr. Kilgour also praised Lawyer Gao Zhisheng who was recently imprisoned and sentenced by CCP. Mr. Kilgour said, "He simply spoke out in favour of the rule of law, of independent courts, democracy, all the things that makes for a modern society."

"Gao is standing up for the view that we have to have the rule of law, we have to have courts that are honest, that are not just charades, that are not theatre, and we need courts that have human rights, that respect human rights."

"So he’s standing up in the best traditions of people like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi in India and every small 'd' democrat in the world, and lawyer Gao is represented."

"Above all he’s representing the vast majority of the people of China, standing up against what I call a "totalitarian party dictatorship. He’s standing up for the average hardworking honest member of China’s huge society. He’s standing up against a little group of people who think that the country exists for them, that they own the country, that they own the people."

Mr. Kilgour thought that the unlawful sentence of Lawyer Gao was related to the Olympic game in 2008 in China. He said, "China made commitments when they were asking for the Olympic Games in terms of things like human rights. And as everybody knows they are showing no commitment to human rights or to every other undertaking they’ve given to get the Games."

He continued, "Gao Zhisheng is a canary, as we put it, a canary in the mind, and how he’s treated between now and the time the Games start and end will show exactly whether the pledges made by the government of China are enforceable."

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