Slovakia: Welcoming the New Year at the Chinese Embassy in Bratislava

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The coming of the new year is a good reason for celebration, but for a few followers of Falun Gong at the Chinese Embassy in Bratislava it had a symbolic meaning. They welcomed the arrival of a New Year in peaceful meditation. Meditation has symbolic value at the Chinese Embassy because it is China that for seven years has persecuted followers of this spiritual system. The coming of the New Year has therefore become a new hope for the end of the persecution.

The persecution, which began in China seven years ago, concerns more than 100 million innocent people who commited no crime. On the contrary, they become healthier, better and more useful to society. The government however couldn’t stand the popularity of this system, so they started to persecute it. The persecution has continued to this day and thousands of people have been killed. Moreover, torture is often used and, according to recent news, the Chinese regime carries out organ harvesting on followers of this system and then cremates the bodies to conceal the evidence. Former Canadian state secretary David Kilgour pointed this out and called it "a new form of evil, which hasn’t yet been seen on this planet."

The followers of Falun Gong have acted peacefully in response to this persecution and they persevere in their attempts to inform more people in the world about the persecution. One such action was this New Year’s Eve at the Chinese Embassy in Bratislava.

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